Does anyone listen anymore?

John Cage did and his 4’33” commands you to listen.  Most people will dismiss this creative presentation as a joke.

Did high school, college teach you to listen?  Life teaches you to listen, your j0b teaches to listen.  One of my early career jobs was in sales and my boss taught me a lot.  Two stand out, listen to your customers/potential customers and don’t drink at lunch.

The best salespeople in the world are listeners.

At the present time I am in Ireland and no one, no one listens over here.  Anyone younger than  30 years old is over educated and can’t understand why they can’t find a good car mechanic and when they do she charges 100 euros an hour.  You go girl.

I lost John Cage.

Check 4’3″ out … think about it … listen …

listen to life… listen to John Cage …

John Cage’s 4’33” – YouTube


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tommy john untucks victoria’s secret


Anybody else ready to shoot Mike from My Pillow?  Now he’s doing a mattress cover…maybe I’ll shoot myself before I buy one.  Oh ya, I got sucked in and bought a pillow for 3 thousand dollars and did not get a second one free.  I want my second pillow.

You ask…am I sleeping better?

Fuck no…all I can think about is Tommy John underwear.  Did these guys replace the untuckit shirt people?  Untuckit shirts must have advertised on every sports show on TV…don’t see them anymore…now  Tommy John underwear is everywhere. Well not on me yet.


I haven’t looked into who the founder of Tommy J underwear is yet.  I wonder if it is “the” Tommy John, if it is, he would be one of the few that could do what this ass hole does in  GMC’s truck commercial.  Come on Madison avenue this is so stupid.
Nov 20, 2018

A man surprises his wife with a special gift for the holidays. He leads her out into their driveway where two …


The Christmas TV car commercial season is here as is my annual praise and bitch session on commercials in general.  Do yourself a favor and at least watch the last two.

Of course with that comes lots of spots where one spouse surprises the other with a brand new BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, Range Rover or whatever costs more than $80,000, with a big red bow on top.  And guess what?  I HATE THOSE COMMERCIALS!  Come on…do you know anyone that would do this.

I think I’ll put a red ribbon around my car to cover up the dents… a Christmas gift to me…and maybe some thing else…

Mercedes made up for their red ribbon spot with this

Then again..was an apology necessary for this ad…I don’t think so but they, Mercedes, did.

Have ta show this Guinness commercial

…and this one brings a tear to your eyes…

…not Christmas but Guinness again

Can’t imagine the above being shown in the states…not PC I guess.

If you liked Monty Python you’ll like this Guinness spot…

Round up your mates for a GUINNESS on St Patrick’s Day – YouTube 

Feb 29, 2012 – Uploaded by GuinnessGB

To help friends get together, GUINNESS® has trained a highly specialisedsheepd


I love the Bud Light series of commercials


My favorite candy bar is Snickers and this commercial is brilliant.

Snickers again

Always got a big kick out of the e-trade commercials…come on you liked them too…

ETRADE Top 5 Baby Commercials

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Lookin for some help…


Have we all “lost it?”

Discuss politics…I don’t think so.  We can’t discuss, we immediately steer the conversation and/or the social media comment to a specific conclusion and then it’s my way or the highway.

Forget what I just said it’s a lot worse than that and it is affecting our interaction and relationships with family and friends.

How sad…unfortunately, everyone seems reluctant to change.  Please note I said reluctant not won’t.  Where do we go from here?  If you are a regular reader of this blog, thank you, or if you simply kissed it off because of a comment I made, I am sorry I lost you.


I’m lookin for solutions.

I’m lookin for help to…not sure…maybe it’s to ride a small wave till the current grows to a level strong enough wash away the hostilities that we seem to thrive on.

I’m lookin for help…what say you?

Cash, check and credit cards accepted.  Make checks out to Daniel N. Carney.

Thank you!

or you could consider helping those that were in the paths of recent hurricanes.

Direct relief…

Direct Relief has earned a perfect score of 100 under Charity Navigator’s new rating system, CN 2.1.

Only 51 of the more than 8,000 charities rated annually by Charity Navigator received an overall score of 100.

As America’s largest and most widely used independent evaluator of charities, Charity Navigator works to guide donors toward more intelligent giving. 

The ninth-largest U.S. charity, according to Forbes Magazine, Direct Relief conducts the most expansive charitable medicines program in the United States and is among the largest private providers globally of humanitarian medical material aid to people in need due to poverty or emergency situations.

To be named to the Perfect 100 list, Direct Relief achieved perfect scores in Charity Navigator’s two main ratings categories, Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency.






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Elephants…smelephants…they all look alike

August 12 was world elephant day and I celebrated by watching a couple of shows on the National Geographic channel.  One episode was devoted to their communication skills and another to their memory.

OK…hang in there with me you might enjoy this.

dan carney painting



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A September visit by the little girl with the pink glasses.

Try to remember the kind of September

When life was slow and oh, so mellow.

Try to remember the kind of September

When grass was green and grain was yellow.

Try to remember the kind of September

When you were a tender and callow fellow.

Try to remember, and if you remember,

Then follow.

Try to remember when life was so tender

That no one wept except the willow.

Try to remember when life was so tender

That dreams were kept beside your pillow.

Try to remember when life was so tender

That love was an ember about to billow.

Try to remember, and if you remember,

Then follow.

Deep in December, it’s nice to remember,

Although you know the snow will follow.

Deep in December, it’s nice to remember,

Without a hurt the heart is hollow.

Deep in December, it’s nice to remember,

The fire of September that made us mellow.

Deep in December, our hearts should remember

And follow.

                                                                                           Tom Jones

...and follow the little girl in pink glasses

Her name is Mae.  She was born in Dublin, Ireland and lives there with her mother, father, Maria and Jake.

Her limited vocabulary is in Spanish (thanks to Maria) and English and I do believe Jake now barks in Spanish.  She is 18 months young and lights up a room or beach with her smile and her love.



She is my sunrise…and perhaps you might agree

that the little girl in the pink glasses

 is just like me

up with the sunrise

to make castles and run free

on an empty sandy beach

save a seagull out of reach

as buzzards bay


my little granddaughter

wearing pink glasses

and me




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Just thinking…again

OK…I’ll give you 5, no that’s 10 minutes, if you stay away from politics.   Thanks Nancy …I can’t get into trouble in 10 minutes…

…then again.

Do you ever check out “people you may know” on Facebook?  I don’t understand why Tom will have a picture of a dog and Sally has two people in the picture.  I don’t recognize the dog and which one is Sally?  Am I alone on this.

Summer should get multiple speeding tickets …for that matter so should “life”.

To date I have caught one fish this summer and by writing about my lack of fishing skills my luck will change.  Maybe I should stick with quahoging.

A friend of mine says I lack communication skills.

A while back I wrote about the “Untuck it” shirt company.  Their ads were on TV all the time.  I projected that they would soon go out of business.  Haven’t seen any ads lately…the venture capital guys and girls must have put an end to this one.  

OK … 91 wins before the end of August…107 for the season…World Series and Mookie MVP…maybe J.D.

I’m going to an acupuncturist…did OK with my back but the rest of me is falling apart.  I’m going to ask him to leave all the needles in next time.

Thinking about Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil and how well they worked together.  Sadly times have changed.

A quick Tip story.  My friend and I were going to a lobster cookout that would be graced by Ted Kennedy and 299 other Democrats including the Speaker.  Parking was limited so we had to walk up a steep driveway. Half way up a limousine came up behind us.  I knew the driver, he was the owner of the company, and I waved him to stop.  He did and rolled down the window, I said Maurice can you give us a ride up and he said I can’t the Speaker is in the back.  Just then the back window came down and Tip says jump in boys this ride is on me.

A real class act.

The Patriots 12-4…Super Bowl bound.

The other day a friend and I had a discussion about Amy Winehouse and how great she was…and oh ya the Rolling Stones are still the best rock and roll band on the planet.


John Henry is a fucking asshole.  The Yawkey foundation has given so much to the city…and you, John Henry, how much have you given?

Worth repeating.  My neighbors have a 5 year old girl and my other neighbors are doing some renovations to their home.  Little Suzie started to visit the workers while they worked on the house.  The men gave her odd jobs after a few days and she was just delighted and so were the men.  After the week was over they gave her $10 and she ran home to show her mother.  Her mother took her to a local bank and met with the assistant manager, her mother knew him, to open a savings account.  The manager praised Suzie for earning the money and for opening an account and asked her if she would be working the next week.  Suzie told him she would… “if Home Depot would deliver the fucking sheet rock in time”.

Hang in there Aretha…back stage tickets to see her at the Newport Jazz festival with my daughter…great show and night.

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T-Rex, piping plovers and Godzilla

Tyrannosaurus was a carnivore. It lived in the Cretaceous period and inhabited North America. Its fossils have been found in places such as Texas, Nebraska, Montana and Little East Beach South Dartmouth, Massachusetts.


Named for its melodic mating call, the piping plover (Charadrius melodus) is a small shorebird, one of several plovers in the Americas that shows a single black neck-band in breeding plumage. Its combination of a short and stout bill, pale upperparts and orange legs are key to its identification.

Because they need a very specific habitat to thrive, piping plovers are an indicator species for barrier beaches like Little East Beach in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

A “few” years before the Audubon Society was established a group of cavemen formed the buga buga “save the T-Rex” club.  This select assembly of cavemen “only” noticed that the T-Rex population was diminishing at an alarming rate and thought it was in the best interest of all to save them.

One artistic caveman started painting pictures of the Rex on cave walls.  Others roped off areas that they were known to roam.  They seduced young “interns” to keep track of couples, births and those less fortunate.  The interns were in play because if they were eaten the club could easily replace them.  While back at the headquarters the members would reap the benefits of land, cash donations and subsidies from the buga buga government.

Visitors to the cave art museum and interns continued to be eaten but all was good for the charter members of the club.  That is until one of their own was carried away by a T-Rex and presumed eaten.

The club reluctantly abandoned the “Save the Rex” campaign and contracted with Godzilla’s agent to eliminate the species.  The club members then became what we now know as the Democrat Party.

I swear the Audubon is made up of blue blooded constipated Republicans that have convinced our government to fund the care of endangered species.  THE PIPING PLOVERS for one.

They have roped off a good part of our beach and patrol up and down with armed interns that would sooner feed you to the blue fish than talk to you.

I plan to ask the head of Allens Pond Sanctuary

at our next beach meeting if they, Audubon, would continue to protect the plovers if our government (tax payers) pulled their financial support.

I think I’ll call Godzilla’s agent to see if the big guy will go with me.  In the mean time George has some insight into endangered species.


I am happy to report (seriously) that two of the four plovers eggs on our property have hatched and the little ones are fearfully  guarded by mommy and daddy plover.

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A day to confess


This is a long blog.  You will find no pictures and no humor in it.  It might disturb you and two names have been changed in it.

It has been sometime since I wrote about my experience with disgraced former FBI agent John Connolly and Whitey Bulger.  I was reluctant to do so until both were behind bars.

I have also been wrestling with writing about a day in time of years past.  On occasions I would say, what the heck no one will believe it and on others, I have been hesitant because it might identify the person involved.  I don’t want that to happen. With that said I now put pen to paper.

I will call my companion of this day Sean and you decide if his confessions are true or not.

I must mention that I have told of this day to several Irish born people.  Some are believers, others have discounted Sean as another IRA want to be.

Sean is from a small notorious IRA town on the border of Northern Ireland.  He came to the states in the 70s and has lived, worked, married and had kids since he arrived.

Sean, a friend and I were trying to start up a company.  The concept was solid and a business plan was written. The three of us had extensive experience in advertising, music delivery and television/radio.

Sean and I met at a bar on the north shore of Boston to discuss our next step.  We decided to set up meetings with companies that we had contacts with to see what they thought of our business plan and to test the waters.  At the end of our meeting Sean asked me about my connection to Ireland and then asked what I thought of the IRA. I answered, they’re terrorists.  Our meeting ended with a plan to set up appointments with potential clients during the next week. Once that was accomplished we would hit the road.

Off we go.  As soon as we got on the highway, Sean said “ last week, I asked you what you thought of the IRA and you called them terrorists.  I was in the IRA and I was not a terrorist.” I have listened to many a drunk South Boston guy, that has never been to Ireland, claim they were in the IRA.  Some guy passed a hat around raising money for the cause and they put a buck into it and felt they were now in the IRA.

Sean was different.  I asked him if they had ranks in the IRA.  He came back with “didn’t you have a rank in the Marines?”  I then asked what his rank was. His answer was chilling. “Brigadier General”.  I followed with what did a Brigadier General in the IRA do? He said he was the head of operations under Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness.  I thought dam, if he is telling the truth he was in the top tier of the IRA.

I then asked what did the head of operations do.  That was all it took, bone chilling stories came one after the other.

“Do you know anything about the helicopter escape at Mountjoy prison?”  he asked. No I didn’t. He said “ I planned it and put all the pieces together.”

The Mountjoy Prison helicopter escape occurred on 31 October 1973 when three Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) volunteers escaped from Mountjoy Prison in Dublin, Ireland, aboard a hijacked Alouette II helicopter, which briefly landed in the prison exercise yard.

The history books will detail what happened that day, but the things Sean told me about the planning, kidnapping and practice runs are not in any book or newspaper file.

After asking about my connections to Ireland Sean knew where I went when traveling there.  He told me of his participation and planning of an art heist near where I visited and now live.

Rose Dugdale a posh, rich, well bred young English socialite smashed her way into Wicklow’s Russborough House and pulled off an art heist that made her infamous around the world.  The gang made off with 19 masterpieces by Rubens, Gainsborough and Goya, and the only privately held Vermeer in the world.

He went on about being responsible for getting weapons and briefly mentioning ties to Whitey Bulger and Patrick N**.  His main source was Colonel Gaddafi of Libya. Muammar Gaddafi, who took over Libya in a 1969 coup, saw the IRA as a comrade-in-arms fighting British imperialism and he was partly responsible for providing it with more modern weaponry.

I asked him if he traveled to Libya to purchase the weapons and if he did, wouldn’t his passport indicate his frequent travels there.  His response was “How naive you are Dan, I had eight passports”.

Were you ever arrested?  “Yes, for a minor charge and was placed in a cell with a young drunk Irishman serving in the British Army.  He looked at me and said I know you and I say no you don’t we have never met. The kid says I had your picture taped to my leg with the instructions to kill on sight,”  At that point I didn’t have to ask if he had killed anyone, I knew the answer.

He talked about how small in numbers the IRA was and practically no one knew who was in it.  He attended an operational meeting to deliver instructions for an upcoming operation and those in attendance were strangers as was he to them.

He talked about the British taking his brother up in a helicopter to interrogate him and pushing him out at 30 feet breaking his legs.

I asked him if he was married in Ireland.  Yes he says I was married to the children of Ireland.  Does his American wife know of his IRA background? No!  Does anyone? Yes, you. Why did you leave Ireland? “I was a soldier, we had beaten the British but had no politician to negotiate a settlement.  I felt, my job was done.”

After a long day we parted.  Believe me when I say I was looking over my shoulder all the way home.  We set a date to meet to review potential client notes and to plan our next move.  That meeting never took place. Another week goes by and I start calling. No reply.  I call several times a day for the next week, still no answer or reply. It was at that point I realized that he must regret telling me about his “association” with the IRA and that disappearing from my life would be in his best interest.  I have not heard from him since that day.

Ask yourself why would anyone make this up, if made up why would you not tell other people, and why did Sean disappear from my life.

Sean lives in a small town in Maryland, he is an Eucharistic Minister in the Catholic Church and I wonder if he has confessed to anyone besides me.

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Looking for the “Bone Setter”or Herman the pig?

Six years ago I wrote about the “Bone Setter” and there is not a week that goes by without someone contacting me thinking I am the Bone Setter.  I can’t understand how anyone can read that blog (at the end) and think I am the “Setter”.  This posting is for those that google the “Bone Setter” and get me.

I am not the Bone Setter … the Bone Setter is Dan O’Neill from Myshel, Ireland  and I don’t know how to reach him.  I found him by going there and asking people in the village where he lives.  How Herman the pig found him, I have no idea.

True friends should be acknowledged more often … they know who they are and I value my relationship with them.  Just wanted to share that.

The Kentucky Derby is coming up on Cinco de Mayo and I will be holding court at a watering hole to be determined soon.

Just wondering if what I do at Irish race tracks would work over here.

The above reads…

To whom it may concern:

XXXStar Farm is one of the leading thoroughbred horse farms in the United States.  We have delivered winners to proud horse men and women for over 50 years.

I respectfully ask that you extend admittance privileges to my representatives.  They are in Ireland visiting race courses, thoroughbred farms, and training facilities.

Respectfully yours,

XXXXXXXX                                                                                                                                    Owner       


I have been doing this for 6 years.  Each year a different theme.  My attire is aways, cowboy hat/boots and a lot of balls.

What it gets me, all free mind you, and those that dare to come with me, is VIP parking, admittance, private dinning room/bar, pictures with the President of Ireland and a hello to Bono and the Edge.  At one track a 5 course meal, open bar and sitting at a table with some of the big money people in Ireland.

Do I win any money?  Sometimes, but who gives a fuck.

This posting probably blew it all going forward, or it just makes for a greater challenge.

Speaking of challenges, our Celtics with all their injuries have a “bit” of a hard road ahead.  I hope they are still in it when you read this.  As a dear friend of mine says they are entertaining.

Are we not fortunate to have two teams in the  playoffs and one playing in the regular season with the best start ever.  As I write this the Sox are 20-7 … fucking brilliant I might say.

Since I got back it has been snowing, raining and cold.  I came home to get away from all that shit.  I just have to play this again.  I can’t help it.  If you haven’t seen it click on the line directly below and then the video…believe me it is funny.

Irish weather reporting (adults)



Those that are interested in joining me at JJ’s Cafe to kick off the “time to” club, please let me know if a week day works for you or does a Saturday fit your schedule better.

How can anyone interpret this to be me.


At the end of the above posting you will get a sample of some of the responses.

I heard from Herman the pig last week and he is doing fine and is scheduled to run in the Pork Belly Stakes next month.



  Please considered supporting the following:


























































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Back to work? Really!


Readers of this blog, outside of Ireland, may not follow Irish politics and therefore don’t give a shit about the Presidentbut they may be interested in my quest for employment.

President Michael D Higgins is seeking a second term of office, according to sources in Leinster House.

The Irish Times is reporting that the President will announce his intentions in July.  He had previously said that he would reveal in September whether he planned to run again, with a presidential election due to take place in November.

There has been a groundswell of opinion in Ireland for the unanimous re-election of current Irish President Michael D Higgins.

At 74, he shows no sign of slowing down. Indeed he keeps an even busier schedule than any recent president by all accounts.

Higgins is a renaissance man, a poet, author, politician and statesman, wonderfully fluent in the Irish language and easily able to hold his own on the world stage.

Of course I am a bit of a renaissance man myself.  Writer, violin player (hey I can play the violin solo in John Cage’s 4’33”), painter, driftwood artist and wonderful person. 

Incredibly he was born into abject poverty in Clare and at age five was sent away from his alcoholic father to live with relatives. From such a humble beginning he overcame tremendous adversity to become a member of the Dail and later a minister.

 I recently met him at a horse track VIP function (that story is for another time) and as a result, we have developed a friendship that may become a working relationship.

On the other hand, his insider “tips” on the ponies, I can’t talk about.  His guidance and recommendations  continue to produce some serious coin.

For sometime now I have been looking for opportunities to work part time in Ireland and in the US.  Since meeting President Higgins I have had a number of productve discussions with his staff about a position promoting and presenting Ireland  to New England businesses.

I would travel back and forth six times a year, business class yet, bringing the appropriate people with me with an objective of expanding US operations in Ireland.  Most importantly, I will be able to keep my quahoging position with the Carney Shell Fish company.

My next meeting with the President will be at my second  art exhibition at (ArtBank) in Bunclody.  I would hope that his staff and I can finalize the details of this working arrangement.

The meeting is scheduled for today at 4pm.  Wish me well and I do hope the little commie leprechaun fucker doesn’t read this blog.

I  also hope that you enjoy this first day in April and that you can find the time to listen to John Cage’s work, if you listen closely you can hear me, just click on the following link.

I’m a comin home … so let me know if you are interested in attending the 1st meeting of the “time to” club…


please consider supporting the following

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