Bank Holiday

Eight killed outside Limerick as van crashes on black ice.

The Puney family from Pullaphuca  is no longer.  On their way to Limerick (what…to buy drugs) on a long bank (I don’t know why they call them “bank”) holiday weekend, met with disaster as their van skidded on black ice and crashed into a stone wall.  Deirdre and Nigel Puney and their six children (no television or computers in the Puney family’s house) were killed instantly.  (How would anyone know if it was instantly).

Ya gotta remember I had a serious case of cabin fever when I wrote this.

An RTE news person interviewed the Puney’s next door neighbor Beatrice Fudwacker and she put everything into perspective.  (Picture of her holding a cat) “It could have been a lot worse…Fine Gael here (the Puney’s cat) could have been with them”.

So right Mrs. Fudwacker.  So right…things could have been much worse.

It didn’t happen but if it did it would have played out like that, because in Ireland things could always be worse.

Ah yes you have heard that one before…right out of Monty Python.

…back to bank holidays…are they still going to call them bank holidays?  After all weren’t they responsible for this financial disaster?  And why would they need a “holiday”?  Rural banking hours are for seven minutes thirty seconds on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday…never between 12 noon and 2PM and that schedule changes if there is an “R” in the month.   Getting in the bank in our town is challenging, to say the least.  Ring the bell on one door and it opens then you pass through another security check and ring another bell.  You’re in.  Then you hear “Ladies and gentlemen” the bank will be closing in 3 minutes…thank you.”  Customer capacity of the bank would be about 5 people.

I guess that these small rural banks expect another bank robbery run from the IRA.

Now I didn’t know this.  The Floozie in the Jacuzzi, Skank in the Tank, the Ride in the Tide was stored in a crate in a yard at St.  Anne’s Park for years.  The Anna Livia sculpture was removed from the middle of O’Connell Street in 2001 and will briefly visit her old home before getting a facelift and then off to her new digs opposite the Ashling Hotel in Dublin.

…how did I miss that?  Apparently one of the reasons it was moved was because a lot of intoxicated people were using her as a toilet.

I think whoever thought of the nick names for the sculpture should be the person or persons to unveil her at her new home.  Don’t you?

For those of you in Boston that are convinced that the elaborate pensions for politicians and their bureaucratic friends are limited to Beacon Hill take note, over here in Ireland, pension abuse is a science.

For example the retiring Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey will be entitled to annual pension payments of approximately 120,000 Euros after he steps down at the end of the Dail session.  He will also be eligible for a tax free pension lump-sum payment as a retiring Dial deputy of 159,000 Euros.  This will be paid, along with his annual pension.  During his first 12 months he will receive an initial termination payment of 17,000 followed by six monthly payments of 6,500 and a further six monthly payments of 4,500 Euros.  Huh?

Had Mr. Dempsey delayed his retirement until after the end of February 2012 his pension payments would have been significantly lower.  By the by he is fifty eight years old.

Then there’s Gerry “Nose Candy” Ryan, the “Elvis” Priest and chapter 19.  When I say “dominates” the media…I do mean dominates…but that is for some other time my friends.

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