December 7

Another December 7 has come and gone and it was no big surprise that the media in Ireland did not mention the significance of this date.  Why should I expect Europe to remember when I would suspect a high percentage of American high school students and, Americans in general, if asked, could not explain what happened on 9/11 never mind 12/7.

We must remember!

I have a new camera and I thought I would write a little about photography.

I am having second thoughts about our military involvement in countries that just don’t like us.  Our sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers serve 24/7 while those natives in country quit their military duties at 5:00PM and go home.  Time for us to come home?

The other day a friend and I were talking about Joseph Heller’s book “Catch-22”.  It is about war and the terrifying aspects are the fact that the lives and deaths of the men in the squadron are governed not by their own decisions concerning dangerous risks but by the decisions of an impersonal, frightening bureaucracy.   If you haven’t read it, do so.  People use the phrase “Catch-22” all the time and I doubt that most know what it actually means.  “Catch-22” defies logic.  It is about a father that names his son Major Major Major and is promoted from Private to Major because the Army assumed he was a Major, therefore becoming Major Major Major Major.  Who by the way will only see you when he is not in his office.  Yossarian must keep flying combat mission after combat mission:  Doc Daneeka cannot ground him for insanity unless he asks to be grounded, then he must be sane therefore he must continue to fly missions.

While in the hospital, Yossarian signs his name as Washington Irving and it is soon adopted by Major Major.  He uses the name because the paperwork with Irving’s name on it never comes back to him.  Washington Irving is the perfect person to deal with bureaucracy: because he does not exist, he is ideally suited to the meaningless shuffle of paperwork.

When the men go on bombing missions, they later learn that the real purpose of the mission was either to make an explosion that would be beautiful when it showed up on aerial photographs or to clear out foliage so that better aerial photography will be possible.

The book is fiction…read it…it has been around a long time.

Please remember our past and present heroes that have served and are serving us proudly.  If you come across a veteran or someone serving now…thank them.

God Bless America.USA Flag

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