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Out and About after ten days of snow and freezing temperatures the roads around Abbeydown became somewhat passable. Well at least I thought so.Snowy Irish CountrysideSo off we go on our first road trip since the EU and IMF took over Ireland. We could have gone to Coolboy, Kilcarney, Hacketstown, Ballycarney, Cloghpook or even Graiguenamanagh, Nobber, Borris in Ossory, but we went to the Christmas fair at Huntington Castle.  Great names and the list goes on and on.  And then on some more.  Not too much happening at the castle so off to Bunclody for some serious shopping.

I just love doing this stuff. Right. All the while at the castle and walking around Bunclody I wore my cowboy hat and boots. If you have read my profile on the buzzardsbaysounding.com web site you would note that I like hats and in fact collect them. I would say that I’m a bit taller than the average Irish person and with boots and a cowboy hat on I’m probably pushing 6’4” or so. My wife said the hat was not appropriate and that people would be gawking at me. They did. The gawking reminded me of going to Symphony Hall in Boston to hear the symphony orchestra. The concert happened to fall on Halloween and I just love Halloween and I always make my face up in some gross looking fashion. I also felt a calling to wear my old tuxedo with cigarette burns and holes in the mourning jacket. The ushers and bartenders just loved the set up, while the symphony patrons did their gawking and I might add, with disgust. That crowd was really old Boston Yankee and could have used a good laxative.

The ride back was a bit tricky, there is a stretch of road that is as wide as an American driveway and was still covered with about 6” of snow and ice. There was a truck behind me and one coming on. I moved over and the truck moved over. I got stuck and both truck drivers pushed us out.Snowy Irish Bridge

Mary bought homemade pate and baskets at the castle and Bunclody respectively and I got a newspaper, lottery ticket, a cabbage and lots of alcoholic beverages. They say more snow is on the way.


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