Whitey’s Friends? … or Buddy Rules!


The FBI is offering a $2,000,000 reward for information leading directly to the arrest of James “Whitey” Bulger.


Did you read the above “considered armed and extremely dangerous”?

In the Watch “Quackers” of Clonegal I write of Michael and Whitey …which got me thinking about “others”.

For the sake of my safety I’ll call them killer #1 “T”, killer #2 “David” and their associates Buddy and Jenny.  Yes one of them is a female and she was deadly efficient when told to complete a “job”.  It is my understanding that she is now a trusted consultant on special “hits”.  Buddy is a specialist and continues to be at the top of his game.

In my carefully worded discussion with #2, I was told that they have brought in a not so experienced killer (let’s call him John) from Boston’s North End.  Apparently this “job” requires a special mindset that John is well locked in on.  #2 also said that the group was a bit frustrated with the recent weather in that they were forced to postpone several promises made.  Whoa….

After being forced to supply food and drink to #2, he continued to say that #1’s kill count was seriously high and that he, David, had to “complete” some jobs on his own so that his “count” would get to a level of, let’s say, certain recognition by some influential people.  If you know what I’m saying.

I sheepishly (kinda appropriate for this part of the country) asked #2 what the group’s up-coming killing plans were and how many had he actually killed, he quietly said “none of your fucking business”.

#2 then realized he was a “bit” (there’s that word again) too harsh in his response to my question and said if I kept things under my hat (I collect hats ya know) he promised to “take one out” for me.

He didn’t but the “import” from the “north end” of Boston…let’s just call him John, did.

I’m easy and I can smell my pheasant cooking in the oven now.  Bon a petite!

Elmer J. Fudd

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2 Responses to Whitey’s Friends? … or Buddy Rules!

  1. Elmer J fudd says:

    Hi Dan, thanks for the props! Sincerely Yours, Elmer J. Fudd

  2. Leo DuBois says:

    I could be wrong but, …I think Mr. Bulger has taken residence on this island and may be a member of the Kauai Society of Artists…
    He now wears smaller glasses.
    Same scary smile tho’…

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