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The following excerpts are from my 534 page book, published by Random House and due at stores on April 1 2011.  The book is an astonishing tale of intrigue and espionage, sex and seduction, action, adventure, tension and violence.  6’1” Silence is my first novel.  The story concept has been a work in progress for over five years and I am extremely proud of the result.   I hope you enjoy it.

My first reading of the book will take place at the mime convention in the Republic of Cambridge beginning April 1 through the 4th.  The reading will be in the  Che Guevara wing of the Republic of Cambridge library.

There are many people I would like to thank for helping me with this labor of love, especially the Procrastinator’s Club of Brookline, Massachusetts.  Without their inspiration the project would have been finished in two years.  Most of all I would like to thank John Cage.  His music and compositions are being incorporated into the Fantasy Pictures movie script based on the book.  The movie is scheduled to begin shooting April 1, 2012.  I could go on and on with additional thank yous…but full credits will be listed in my book and in the movie.


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… and the pages are also blank.

Hey … why not?

The Irish Times reported that the BBC Symphony Orchestra recently gave a performance of composer John Cage’s seminal piece 4’33”, which does not contain a single note.   

The performance took place at London’s Barbican Centre.

It was part of a weekend of Cage’s work. The late avant-garde composer “wrote” the piece in 1952.

Cage’s reasoning for composing 4’3” was to demonstrate that “whereever we are what we hear is mostly noise.”

General manager Paul Hughes told BBC Radio 5 Live the orchestra had rehearsed to “get in the right frame of mind”.

Despite having no notes to play, the musicians tuned up and then turned pages of the score after each of the three “movements” specified by the composer.

The silence was broken at times by coughing and rustling sounds from the audience, who marked the end of the performance with enthusiastic applause.

Mr. Hughes denied the performance was a “mindless gimmick” and said Cage believed “music was all around us all the time” and the piece was his attempt to make the audience focus on sounds that were “part of our everyday lives”. 

But the audience at the premiere in 1952 was “so discomforted that mostly what you could hear was people getting up and walking out”, he said.

“They were completely outraged and extremely angry,” Mr. Hughes added.

He said Cage, who died in 1992 aged 80, was very proud of the silent composition.


My next novel is a sequel to 6’1” Silence and will be available sometime in 2014 and the movie version of 6’1″ Silence is scripted to be two hours and seventeen minutes long.  I would hope that you bring a book to read while there.

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  1. Leo DuBois says:

    Might there be a minor role for me in your next movie sequel?
    I’m told that if I were the only one standing in a room, I would hardly be noticed.
    -indespicable Me

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