The ICP and The Silly Party

Minister of Silly Walks

John B. Keane’s “Independent Coulogeous Party” formed in the mid 1950’s and Monty Python’s Silly Party and  Serious Party in the 1970’s would seem quite appropriate today.

Keane penned “Coulogeous” …  while several sources, including the dictionary, offer no definition or explanation of what it means.

Frank McNally in his “An Irishman’s Diary”,  Irish Times (February 19, 2011) thanks one of his readers for some guidance to its meaning.  Coulogeous “great craic altogether”.  McNally continues in fine form with “As to when a coulogeous adventure becomes a highogeous one, maybe other readers can enlighten us.  I know only that both are limited to a maximum mathematical value.  This is in accordance  with the famous Einsteinian law that, however great it appears to be, the crack can never exceed 90”.

I think you can apply the same law to “finding the biggest arse hole in the universe”…you may find the second biggest but the search must go on for the biggest.

For my American brothers and sisters “crack/craic” means good times, lots of action, high jinks, and many “pints” often both together.

Monty Python’s “Serious Party ” would have been somewhat like those “tree hugging bastards” in the states…but it’s not about them, I say, as I look forward to eating my pheasant this evening, it’s about ICP and the Silly Party… right?

J.B.’s fondness of Guinness and Irish whiskey contributed greatly to the creation of the ICP and their fictional candidate Tom Doodle.  The powerful campaign phase of the day was “use your noodle vote for Doodle.  Apparently candidate Doodle had a bigger following than Fine Gael or Fianna Fail in and about Keane’s home turf.

Ministry of Silly Walks
3 min – 14 Nov 2008
Uploaded by MontyPython

YouTube – Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Ministry of silly walks

Recently these parties had a debate.  Tom Doodle Jr. represented the ICP,  I.B. Serious the Silly Party and the Serious Party, by S.P. Naturally.  Who won.

Friday the 25th of February was voting day in Ireland.  It is projected to be an overwhelming victory for the Fine Gael party.  Though I can not vote here, I will go to the voting poll just to see what its all about on this side of the Atlantic.  The results may take awhile because of  proportional voting and I might not have the final tally when this is posted.

…after reading “Who’s passing out the’ get out of Jail cards'”  you ask… who?…I say who did.

Proportional voting … right…could you go over that again…well it’s like this.  Have you ever heard Abbott and Costello’s routine on “Who’s on First?”  or for those younger voters out there…the 2001 South Park episode Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow features a parody of the sketch by the fictional Canadian comedy duo: “Excuse me, sir. Do you know who farted?”—”He sure did.”—”What’s the person’s name?”—”Who.”—”The guy that farted!”—etc.


The name of the shortstop is not given until the very end of the routine, and the right fielder is never identified.

Source:  Wikipedia

Videos for abbott and costello

Who’s on first?
6 min – 16 Feb 2007
Uploaded by Swancourt

At one point in the routine, Costello thinks that Naturally is the first baseman:

Abbott: You throw the ball to first base.
Costello: Then who gets it?
Abbott: Naturally.
Costello: Naturally.
Abbott: Now you’ve got it.
Costello: I throw the ball to Naturally.
Abbott: You don’t! You throw it to Who!
Costello: Naturally.
Abbott: Well, that’s it—say it that way.
Costello: That’s what I said.
Abbott: You did not.
Costello: I said I throw the ball to Naturally.
Abbott: You don’t! You throw it to Who!
Costello: Naturally.

I just returned from the voting hall in the village. All forms of campaigning, by law, are not permitted 24 hours before the vote, therefore radio/TV were void of campaigns ads and all political posters were removed.  How refreshing.  I think who removed them all.

Irish election

By the by, the debate ended with “after debate” drinks at the local … Shots of Paddy and numerous pints of black gold were consumed…Several hours later…who was left standing at the bar….I.B. Serious….because Naturally became a bit highogeous.
Who’s gonna win?
I’ll let you know if, in fact, who won…later…
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  1. Leola says:

    Live Irish election results on BBC Parliament. BBC could learn a thing or two from how RTE are doing this.

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