Is there anything else we can do for you Mr. Museveni?

Your $$$$

It is estimated that you and I, or should I say the U.S government, will allocate something close to 60 billion dollars, and 30 to 40 billion more from private sources, in 2011 for economic aid and military assistance to countries that don’t give a rat’s arse about the United States..

Let’s review the top 25 list of recipients of our good nature…

Afghanistan, Israel, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, West Bank/Gaza, Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia, Jordan, Georgia, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Mexico, Russia, Uganda, Namibia, Tanzania, Haiti, Congo (Kinshasa), Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

There are more but I won’t list the countries that just get chump change…what’s a few hundred million here and there amongst friends.

Now I thought I knew my geography but Burkina Faso…is this some country that Groucho Marx made up? …or did a bunch of “retired” Congressmen move there and then applied for US aid?

Prime Minister

Humm…we give money to Russia and Putin says all those nice things about us.  I think we should throw in an extra billion or so…don’t you?

Pakistan…aahh yes…apparently our recent incursion into their country doesn’t sit too well with some people over there.  Why don’t we just promise that we won’t do it again and toss in another billion to make things better.

Let me see…Afghanistan and Iraq…boy they really appreciate all we’re doing for them…

…and by the by wasn’t some of that oil in Iraq going to pay for some of our expenses or was their check lost in the mail?

…we pay the Israeli’s to build settlements in disputed areas and then we complain to Israel about them and pay them again to tear them down…and oh ya…we give them more than any other country in the world…last time I checked they were doing OK…

I must check the mail to see if Israel…or any other country for that matter, sent us  money to help the flood victims in the mid-west…anybody want to place a few on that chance?

What percentage of our aid to the “not so corrupt” African countries actually gets to those that need it?

…America’s “obsession” with Iran came up in a conversation I had in Ireland…they said that Europe didn’t have a problem with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that it was just America…if my history serves me correctly…I don’t think Europe, in the beginning, had a problem with a little guy with a mustache from Germany either….

Arse hole

At this point you might be saying I’m a bit cynical…and you would be fucking correct.

I was born at the end of World War II…then came Korea…Vietnam…Iraq I, Iraq II and now Afghanistan.  Money is money…and at this stage in my life I want out…bring all our men and women who serve us so bravely home…let the rest of the world take care of their own problems…I do not want any of my money to go to people or countries that do not like Americans…and I certainly don’t want American blood to be spent on ungrateful camel riding cave dwellers…  and while I’m at it… the next time I hear an Irish person complain about American military planes flying into Shannon or over their country…I will…

Mr. Museveni is from Uganda and…

God Bless America….

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