Shit faced…packaged…buzz on … hammered … wasted … plastered … tanked … canned … I could go on and on but …

My sister in law, Phyl and her daughter, Sharon are visiting from Ireland and while sitting at the dinning table the subject of drinking … surprise … came up.  She was talking about a family gathering and at it,  she was feeling “nicely” … now I just thought that was a “f*cking brilliant”  way to describe “shit faced” and I think I’m going to start using that descriptive condition.

Dunkin Donuts

What to do when you come to the states from a country in the Euro zone?  The Euro is up and the Dollar is down so you go shopping.  Believe me, you pay twice as much for clothing, golf equipment, sun glasses and computer “stuff” in Ireland as you do here in the States.  When you shop till you drop a Dunkin Donuts break is always in order.  Off Phyl goes with my wife and her daughter in tow to get her second favorite drink.  Up to the counter, she announces to the attendant that she is a “celiac” and asks if they have gluten free donuts available.  What she fails to understand is most if not all service people at McDonald’s, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts can  barely speak English and  would not be able to make change if it wasn’t for a cash register that computes the exact change to give back to the customer.  The attendant’s response was “lady… we don’t give out no free donuts … we don’t even get free donuts and we work here”.  Of course Mary, my wife, can’t control her laughing outburst.  You just can’t make this stuff up.

She then tells me another story about going to the post office in the Tenerife Islands (Canary Islands off the coast of Africa) to buy stamps and asks for stamps to send post cards back to Ireland.  The attendant says  “where is Ireland located?”  she responds “Europe” she then asked about sending  cards to America and Australia and was asked in turn”are they in Europe as well?”.  Sharon tells of the time she worked on Cape Cod during the summer and just happened on to a “local” to have a few … a nicely few.  Sharon is quite attractive and was soon set upon by an American hot shot.  In the conversation he asked her where she was from and she said Dublin, Ireland and his come back was …he was serious…”did you drive here”?


In my previous post I questioned whether the country of Burkina Fasco actually exists.  It does and I thought I knew my geography… but “did you drive here” is at the top of the list.

I almost expect that when Sharon returns the rental car the attendant will ask her “are you flying back to Ireland?’ and Sharon will say ‘most likely because I have to return the car today”.

Gaslight Brasserie 560 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA

We all found time to get “nicely” dinning at the Gaslight Brasserie.  The night was a “visit ending” delight.

Phyl and Sharon’s shopping experience was interesting  but their real mission was very special and I sincerely thank them for it.  Safe home.

Postscript…only hours to go till their plane leaves and guess where they are now…Nordstroms … of course.

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