Off to the races

Kentucky Derby

 Post time for the race is a matter of hours away and I’m off to some barroom to cause problems.  Every year I go to a bar with a hat full of the names of the horses in the Kentucky Derby and solicit big money from the patrons.

 Several places have prevented me from playing my little game and those that had a real “shitty” attitude about it were “The Back Eddy” in Westport and “The Ledge” in Dorchester.

Places that have been great were “The Warren Tavern” in Charlestown and “The Tavern at Granite Links “.

In my game you are not allowed to back a particular horse, you just pick the potential winner out of a hat.  The “big” money waged is two dollars per pick.  Now what arsehole would have a problem with that. 

The bar chosen today is Village Smokehouse in Brookline.  We shall see how they treat me.

The following are the horses in the race,  the favorite “Uncle Mo” has been scratched.

 1. Archarcharch (Court) 10-1

2. Brilliant Speed (Rosario) 20-1

3. Twice the Appeal (Borel) 20-1

4. Stay Thirsty (Dominguez) 20-1

5. Decisive Moment (Clark) 30-1

6. Comma to the Top (Valenzuela) 30-1

7. Pants On Fire (Napravnik) 20-1

8. Dialed In (Leparoux) 4-1

9. Derby Kitten (Castellano) 30-1

10. Twinspired (Smith) 30-1

11. Master of Hounds (Gomez) 30-1

12. Santiva (Bridgmohan) 30-1

13. Mucho Macho Man (Maragh) 12-1

14. Shackleford (Castanon) 12-1

15. Midnight Interlude (Espinoza) 10-1

16. Animal Kingdom (Albarado) 30-1

17. Soldat (Garcia) 12-1

18. Uncle Mo (Velazquez) 9-2 XXXXXXX

19. Nehro (Nakatani) 6-1

20. Watch Me Go (Bejarano) 50-1

If you have been reading my blog you might remember that I have written about “Jim will fix it” on several occasions.  You will also note that my horse is not in the Derby.  “Jim will fix it” is in Ireland and is a “jumper” so I will be watching for “Master of the Hounds” an Irish horse trained by Adan O’Brien.  The odds are not looking good at this point but ya never know in horse racing.

My little game just makes watching the race a bit more exciting…so I’m off to the Village Smokehouse” to win “big” money…wish me luck.

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