Gone missing

Old wicker chair

Irene delivered an old wicker chair to the “beach” and I wonder where she stole it from.  It doesn’t look familiar and it must have a history.

Storms can blow away the haze that clouds memories and Irene dug deep into the sand to present ‘things” and memories that were buried for many, many years.

During World War II a group of Nuns lived in a cottage on the beach.  The house is long gone and the foundation has been buried since 1944.  Irene thought we might want to take a look back in time and uncovered what was left of the foundation.

Foundation of cottage

She also uncovered my Uncle’s old cobble stone out door fireplace and tar from his tennis court …  brick fireplaces that have been under sand since 1938 …  old wells and “things” that I have no idea what they are … and memories of stories my mother and father told of times long ago.

Kiniferler wench from old ship?

This piece of metal is about 4 feet long and must weigh about 200 pounds.  I think it’s a kiniferler wench from an old ship.  What say you?

"things" uncovered

As storms deliver they take away just as efficiently.

We lost about 4 to 5 feet of sand cover and about 20 feet of beach…where did it go?  I hope a winter storm returns it.

We lost something else as well…

This time of the year a most irritating sound echos across the beach.  It keeps me awake and I’m sure the noise is in your own back yard.  It just seems louder at the “beach”.  Irene took care of that.  I spent Labor Day weekend at the beach and one morning at 3AM I felt something was missing.  I couldn’t identify what it was and with the coming sunrise it came to me…Irene had swept away all the crickets.

Thank you Irene.

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  1. Carol says:

    So crickets will keep you up too.

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