Just thinking again … again

Medal of Honor Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer.

“I can’t stop thinking like this”…Steven Wright

… and we’re worried that the Red Sox won’t make the playoffs and who will make the cut on Dancing with the Stars.

We are able to enjoy the “stress”  of  both because of heroes like Sgt. Meyer.  We live in the greatest country on the planet thanks to men and women like him.

Click on the following for videos on Sgt. Meyer.

Medal of Honor Sgt. Meyer    

What don’t the people of Greece, Ireland and Portugal understand.  Public employees, students,  those on the “dole” and even the general population are protesting their respective government austerity measures.  No more 6 week vacations, retiring at 55, cuts in pensions, second homes, BMWs, cuts in services and having to actually pay their taxes and god forbid … work  forty hours a week!

I have even heard whispers that the United States should bail them out.  Well I say fuck ’em.  Let us take care of our own and I don’t mean those that have been on a life long free American ride thanks to our hard working Congress.

Dare I ask … how long are we going to give free housing, food, clothing and wide screen TVs to those displaced by hurricane Katrina?  I think this is year 6 and mark my words, on the 10th anniversary of that event, we will still be hand feeding thousands while the  garbage from the storm remains in their  yard.  We all know that removing that shit is “government” work … right?

“A government that robs from Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul”  George Bernard Shaw

Has anyone else noticed that after U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke , the President and US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner make a statement about the economy, the stock market goes south and our 401Ks take a serious dive.

… and now comes Obama’s new job stimulus program…ahhh let me see that really worked the last time…our unemployment rate is @10% and if you include those that have given up @15%.

The other day  one of the Boston television stations did an expose on welfare fraud.  Some people were buying things and services that were beyond the necessities of life…lottery tickets, cigarettes, trips to Hawaii and Las Vegas and cash back for god only knows what.  Governor Patrick was asked about it and his response went something like this.  “Those running our social welfare department are doing a great job and there are always a few that will abuse the program.”  Apparently those abusing the program are wasting “our” money to the tune of about “ten million per year.  Chump change yes…and I’m still waiting for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to deliver a new refrigerator after mine died the other day.  Hey I could use a new flat screen TV too and I’ve never been to Hawaii.

Wake up Republicans, can’t you come up with someone beside Romney, Sarah, and Newt Gingrich.

I’m closing up the “beach” in the next week or so…very sad time.  I won’t go through the “gate” again till the spring.

If you’re a regular reader of this post you might have noticed that this is my first posting with  only one picture in it.

Sgt. Meyer deserves our full attention…Osborne’s Pub beckons.  I only hope that the Irish winter is not as white as last year…same for New England.

“A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking”  Steven Wright


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