Grand Cayman and a “180” to Miami’s South Beach

It is not Cuba...but it is Cuban

Miami’s South Beach demands that you participate  in its culture, music, art, food and people.  Grand Cayman, on the other hand, allows you a certain freedom to choose your own comfort level.

With a cigar and margarita in hand, I got caught up with the demands while choosing comfort levels that eventually became one of the same.

My new best friend, Rudolph Valentino Green, Rudi to his friends and grounds keeper at the  Cotton Tree, (click 0n) said it best when I asked him what time it was and he replied “why mon…is there a need for you to know?”

Upon arriving on Grand Cayman I was told that with a population of about 54,000 there were over 600 financial institutions located on the Island.   That statement was later adjusted by my second best new friend, the CEO of the largest Cayman bank, with offices in Dubai, Isle of Man and London, to “252 market participants with branches or subsidiaries of established international institutions.”   Huh?  We met him late one night at Pappagallo, (click on) a fabulous restaurant on the West Bay of the Island.

After several beverages, I asked him about the upcoming on island “7th Annual Anti-Money Laundering Compliance and Financial Crime Conference”.  What piqued my interest was … it was the 7th annual …” did they not get it right the first time and do the bad guys get to go to it?”


Beach behind the Cotton Tree

Besides being English, he was charming, smart and most of all a champion of Island living and the financial benefits of off shore banking.  Now if I can only remember where I hid that last 1.7 million.

Of course we closed the place and the bartenders went creative with all kinds of exotic cocktails.  The next day was devoted to cures and remembering.  It seems like I have to write everything down lately.

creative drinking with the owner and new friends


I think Obama and friends are now looking closely at these, now legal, arrangements Americans have in off shore banking.

… a quick side bar… no pun intended…I’m getting to appreciate “some” of the “Occupy Wall Street” spokespeople and the causes they say they represent.  As you may know I have a problem with people that sit back and expect the government to take care of them…but I also have a problem with the government bailing out companies and then executives like Stanley O’Neil walking away from Merrill Lynch with 160 million dollars.

There are many flaws in this system.   I believe in business and business is America … but fair is fair…something has to be done…unfortunately we have a bunch of fucking arseholes in Congress and, yes, the Executive Office, that just don’t get it.

…and to continue ranting… while at the Cotton Tree (just click on Cotton Tree in the beginning of this post to see how nice it is) I received the New York Times electronically.  I love newspapers…save one….and that’s the New York Times.   Two excerpts from editorials got me seeking a higher comfort level … from the Editorial 10/12/11  “Justifying the Killing of an American”  praising Obama and then …”…a refreshing change from the reckless legal thinking of the Bush administration, which rationalized torture, claimed unlimited presidential powers and drove the country’s fight against terrorism off the rails.”  and…”No Jobs Bill, and No Ideas”  10/13/11 “…Republicans….thus killing Obama’s jobs bill was still a breathtaking act of economic vandalism.”


Waking up at the Cotton Tree West Bay Grand Cayman

Art Deco home for the w/e on south beach


seeking a "level of comfort"

home for the week Grand Cayman

What’s cookin in Cayman?

What’s cookin in the Caymans and are there too many cooks in the kitchen? … a legitimate question…only Yogi Berra could answer that one…I would guess it would be like when someone once asked him what time it was and he said “Do you mean now?”

…there’s one thing about vacations and pictures … nobody  gives a shit hearing about them and especially looking at the pictures so… I’ll sneak South Beach into some other post.

Characters in play during the last 10 days out and about Grand Cayman  and Miami’s South Beach  … Mary, Colleen, John, Kate, Rudi, Victor, Stuart, our cook Ana, the Doctors of Mixology and Gerardo, the general manager at Pappagallo and me.

Abbeydown is calling….




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