It was suggested that my next post be more attuned to the Christmas season…and what could be more appropriate that someone getting engaged.

My very special friends, Mark and Jane, just sent word that Jad asked for Mark’s approval to take their dear Elizabeth’s hand in marriage.

Jad, I haven’t met you yet, but I give you a lot of credit to go before the big guy like that.

The boys and girls, coming home to Marion, will, I’m sure, consume a “few” beverages  in celebration during  the next few days … and perhaps they will add  more joyous news to the party.  I can only hope that the S & S house has a truck load of salad to balance out South’s wine consumption.

Hey … for the rest of you that don’t know who I’m talking about…what the hell … you can still feel the joy and happiness in this moment and therefore popping a few cold ones and cocktails is more than appropriate…and it’s Christmas.

I first met Elizabeth when she was a little baby … again crawling on Little East Beach …then everyone’s life seemed to fast forward.  We got re-acquainted after her accident and now she is engaged.

… time left and time spent…it goes by fast and when someone like Elizabeth can slow it down a bit to celebrate, we’re all better off.

Elizabeth & Jad

Mary and I will toast you and Jad this evening…and acknowledge Mark, Jane, Katie, Julia, Tom and John along the way.

…and believe this with all your heart, body and soul

… on the next clear crisp cold night … look to the heavens and there will be one star shinning brighter than the rest…and that, my dear Elizabeth, will be your mother sending her love and blessing on down to you and Jad.

Cheers…Happy Christmas and New Year’s to all!  I’m off to watch the ponies run…

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