Rolex, Louis V. and me…


Andy Rooney

AAhhh…let me see if my Andy Rooney (RIP) hat will fit.

The ” buy a Lexus for someone” holiday season is upon us and David Puddy’s Honda parody is spot on.

Car Gift – Happy Honda Days – YouTube

…and the Chevy truck commercial with salesman Santa and the hunter is hilarious.  The hunter is looking at the truck he is going to buy and standing behind him is Santa the truck salesman.  Santa asks the hunter “what are you going to do with your new truck”  and the guy says “I’m a hunter” Santa “Oh what do you hunt?” and, not taking his eyes off the truck he replies …”deer” as he turns to look at who asked him the question, quickly saying “fish”.

Deer-Fish Hunter meets Santa …funny (extended version) Chevy

The boys and girls that wrote the  “Lexus” commercials should be shot while the guys that wrote and produced the Chevy truck  and the Honda Christmas ads should be given Rolex watches.  Those commercial are fucking brilliant.

Uh…sorry no Rolex watches.

A Rolex watch…why would anyone want one?  and for that matter, why would anyone want a designer hand bag…oh, lets say one by Louis Vuitton.  What I  consider classy would be a CEO of a billion dollar company sitting in a board room wearing her Timex watch or a  women carrying a hand bag that had “this is not a designer bag” stitched on the side.

So please tell me why people want a Rolex watch or a Louis Vuitton bag.

Christmas is for children. The joy and celebration of pure innocence is a gift beyond description.  Uncluttered love should be given back in Chevy truck loads.

OK…so Christmas is not one of my favorite holidays.  Perhaps it is the American approach to it…one and out…a day off and back to work.  Here in Ireland, just about the whole country shuts down the day before Christmas to the day after New Years.  There is some serious celebrating going on this time of year and I do believe  Christmas in Ireland has improved my opinion of it.

Unfortunately it is the commercial presence and stress that causes problems.  I will, therefore, make it easy on you all by listing what I expect to get for Christmas  … so … pay attention and take some notes.

A truck…hey it doesn’t have to be a new one, a vote for change and common sense … from the President on down … including Republicans … yes Republicans, for America and Americans to understand that you can not…can not… spend more than you make, to let the rest of the world take care of their own problems, for Americans to call it Christmas not “Holiday”, and for the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl this year.  Yes I know, not too much to ask for, but you know me … I’m just a humble guy… an American in Clonegal.

Happy Christmas…and my Seiko watch is working just fine … thank you.

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2 Responses to Rolex, Louis V. and me…

  1. Carol says:

    O…. I guess I have to cancel my order for your Rolex.

  2. David says:

    And you Louis Vuitton hand bag!

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