The FBI knows if you have been good or bad

John Connolly

My daughter recently gave a speech at her Toast Masters group about her encounter with the FBI and while reading it ( )  it got me  thinking about other episodes with our “finest”.

This particular experience was an excellent example of Big Brother watching and I still remember the call she made to me after they left, I could actually feel her shaking through the phone.

What she failed to explain was the true purpose of their visit.  As she tells it the “interview” was one hour long, the first 45 minutes they scared the living shit out of her and the last 15 minutes tried to recruit her to help the FBI understand the Korean culture better…and then had the balls to strongly suggest that she not to tell anyone about their visit.

I tell everyone and now apparently so does she.  Hope you’re reading guys!

…and then there was…

During a summer break before heading off to Providence College she worked at Scusset Beach near Cape Cod.  After a month or so back in college I get a phone call from agent so and so and he starts to ask me questions about an “event” that happened during the summer.  Ya like she is going to tell me about some crazy ass thing she did.  I tell the FBI agent don’t talk to me call her and hung up.  I immediately called my lovely daughter to find out what was going on and… “no big deal Dad”… it was raining this particular day and the prisoners that were picking up the beach were getting wet so we asked them to come into the beach shed.  She had no idea where the guards were.  One thing lead to another and a card game started and a beer run was made.

“Dad … no big deal … that’s all they wanted to talk about”.

Scusset Beach

I met John Connolly when he was working on the Angiulo crime family case.  The sister company to my cable company was the radio network for the Boston Red Sox and the Bruins and he would come down to bum tickets.  From me he would ask for “hot wired” cable boxes for all his buddies.  John, if you didn’t know, was also Whitey Bulger’s handler.

On one occasion he brought Whitey down for a visit.  It took a few minutes of small talk before Whitey volunteered to “kill” a person that was giving me a lot of trouble in a town that I was trying to win the cable franchise in.

John also thought it would be a good idea for me to set up a meeting with this “trouble maker” and wear a “wire”.  I didn’t.

I am a big boxing fan and during Marvelous Marvin Hagler’s glory run as a middleweight, I went to many of his fights.  This particular fight was at the old Boston Garden and I gave a cheap ticket to John.  My seats were third row and were priced at $250 each.  At the end of the last preliminary fight, two rather intimidating gentlemen approached me and my guest and told me to get out of their seats.  I didn’t and we had words.  Soon after an usher, then a police officer suggested that, even though I had the proper tickets, it would be in my best interest to find other seats.  I didn’t.

Marvelous Marvin Hagler

Later that night I ran into John and he said that he had seen what was going on and that those wiseguys were employed by the Angiulos and that it would have been a good idea to move and that I was a bit lucky that they didn’t follow me out of the Garden.

As I look back, I am in complete wonder why I wasn’t decked more often.

John, I take great pleasure in telling people what a “piece of shit”  you are and I would have never been able to tell my stories about you if I hadn’t met you…thank you for that … and I do believe Whitey will be joining  you soon.

Oh by the way…Whitey’s offer was declined.

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