The “wrong” violin has returned to Clonegal


The "wrong" violin's home

The parade through Clonegal village, celebrating its return, consisted of 3 sheep, one dog and Tiberius Purcelli.

Tiberius Purcelli

I have written about Tiberius before and his attitude to all this excitement was “aahh…the stupid Yank is back” now where’s my food?

Back in Milton there is “one pissed off” cat.  My no name cat comes to visit every day and bangs on the door until it gets our attention.  She is well feed and looks very healthy and I have no idea who owns her, or should I say, who she owns.  What she craves is attention.   She is not going to be a happy camper when she realizes I’m gone.

The "no name" cat

This is how bad it is.  The Patriots were playing the Colts last Sunday and I happened by the back door … she didn’t see me … and you know what I did?  I hid from her until the game was over and by then she had gone to wherever.

I like cats and cats like me…unfortunately I’m allergic to them and after playing with “no name” I have to burn my clothes,  take a “toxic wash down” shower and then drink 2 shots of Irish whiskey.

I always keep a supply of stimulant handy in case I see a cat, which I also keep handy.  Credit to W.C. Fields

Oh, yes, the violin you ask.  It almost didn’t make it.  After landing at Dublin Airport, I was going up the escalator when one of my bags started to tip backwards, I had my computer bag and the violin, in an old thin case, in one hand and the case in the other.  I reached back as the bag was falling  and I went with it, falling and tumbling over and over until I reached the bottom and landing on the violin case.  It survived…me, not sure yet.

The "wrong" violin in front yard

I am planning to take lessons and hope that a 230 year old instrument can learn new tricks and  cooperates when the left side of my brain is saying “what the fuck are you trying to do”.

Ya got to remember I’m back in Ireland and descriptions are based on the key words… brilliant and fucking brilliant.  I can picture my self at my first recital and people saying “this guy is fucking horrible”and  I can’t wait to meet my teacher and then listening to her explanation why she can’t give me lessons anymore.  The Irish are more diplomatic about such things whereas an American would say “Carney you’re one stupid bastard and I couldn’t even teach you how to use a wheelbarrow never mind play the violin”.

I’ll let you know when I start…in the mean time…

I’ve been told that “my horse”  Jim will fix it is doing quite well and that backing him will influence a “Moody’s” upgrade rating for Ireland.  Ya hav ta give me more time to formulate a take on how fucked up Ireland and the rest of Europe is before I can comment further.  For now it is just this … if the American taxpayer has to contribute one fucking cent to bail these fuckers out I’m going to be one pissed off Yank.

                                                                                                                               Jim will fix it
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  1. Carol says:

    Joe and I Can’t wait to hear you fucking play.

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