Conversations with Tiberius Purcelli

Tiberius Purcelli

I am officially on “watch after the cats” duty and Tiberius, once again, knows he has a sucker to manipulate.

His master and mistress are away on holidays.

Tib, as his close friends call him, was at our door step as soon as we arrived last month and has been acting like his master doesn’t feed or care for him and therefore, demands that I do so. Brownie, his sister, could care less and runs away as soon as she sees me.  Brownie is a black cat but her master calls her Brownie because he called the cat he had before Brownie, even though it wasn’t brown.

There will be no pictures of Brownie in this post…she will not allow it.

We all know cats react to the sounds of cans or other food containers opening and never to name calling.  Tiberius, on the other hand, likes to chat and frowns upon those who call him Tib when he barely knows them.

The other day I carefully brought up my new best friend Herman  (see The Bone Setter posting) and Tib  got a bit jealous and soon after came down with a “cat” flu.  He looked horrible but soon recovered after a few days of antibiotics from his master.  I think he just wanted me to feel bad for him.


I almost forgot about my “no name” cat back in Milton…she must be wondering “where the fuck is that asshole?”

"no name"

Tib would be a bit upset if he knew I was thinking about “No Name”… Tib demands your full attention and was not too happy hearing about Herman or any other concerns I had.


It’s almost 3PM and Tib prefers his milk warmed up and his snack out of a can with heated gravy, so I best get going.  Tib does not appreciate his afternoon”tea” being late.


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One Response to Conversations with Tiberius Purcelli

  1. Tib says:

    Dan,Tib here.Have you abandoned me.The Mistress in your House totally ignores me.Come back before I die from starvation.

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