With memories not yet had …

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A couple of weeks ago while listening to the radio an advertisement came on and one line in it grabbed my attention.

I soon forgot about the commercial and the line in it.

… until today …

My post on “Time” hit home with a good number of readers.  Their varied comments ranged from sad to promise and hope.  I was, quite frankly, surprised by the people it affected and the  creative actions they plan to take to capture time “left”.

My most recent response came today and because of it,  those few words in that advertisement came back to me.

… with memories not yet had …


I want to give credit to the person who wrote the advertisement and or the line, well, at least I think it was an advertisement.  What to do?  I googled it of course.  Nothing came up, so, first of all, I wish I had written the line and I’m sad to say,  I don’t know who did.

Just think about these few words … so many directions to go with them …   they are alive and hold so much promise … they are life not lived … time left … and  The Road Not Taken … think about it, dam it, make it work for you.

…with memories not yet had …

and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference

Robert Frost

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