Coming home …

Milton, Massachusetts

Not that I will ever call Milton “home” but it is where I live in the US and when it gets warmer I head to the “beach”.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like my Milton home but …

The "Beach"

The "beach"

Milton is the birth place of President George H.W. Bush and Money magazine has ranked it the 7th, 5th and now the 2nd best place to live in the United States…a town that has one bar and that’s my American Legion Post and has one of the highest tax rate base in the Commonwealth.

Leaving Abbeydown is difficult but the weather in spring and summer is never certain and therefore back I go.

Brow Cottage

Highlights of my stay (click on dates/titles) were the Leopardstown races The 11.20 Express from Clonegal to Leopardstown and Normandy Le jour  March 19, 2012 and visiting artist extraordinaire Mark O’Neill’s home and studio  again, see Imagine first posted on February 28, 2011.

…and of course family, (my sister Carol and brother-in-law Joe came to visit) friends and the pubs … not necessarily in that order… and oh ya beating my sister in croquet.

… and taking violin lessons …

My violin teacher Ciara

David & Joe

Carol & dnc

Carol losing at croquet

Mark O'Neill

Mark O'Neill's "Mickey Dunn"

I leave after a visit to Hook’s Head lighthouse and driving by the largest “ghost town” (@60 homes) I have seen, to date, in Ireland.  Homes built during the “Celtic tiger’s” run for the money…German money that is, and now abandoned, but that is for another post and my take on it can be read in One way ticket Posted on December 8, 2010.

ghost town

Coming home means that I have to shift gears and begin to interpret what’s happening politically and economically in the states.  Now what I understand is that the Republican party has presented “us” with … how should I say it … I guess “shit” will do and our leader says that the unemployment rate is now down to @8.5% … I believe it’s more like 14% but then again what do I know … I will have a difficult time with four more years of “It’s not my fault “W” is responsible for this god awful mess we’re in.  “I spent the future of America and the unemployment rate is 8.5%”.  Doesn’t he deserve four more years?  … and what I also understand is that once elected he will bring our Governor down to serve and “Crash” Murray will take over the Commonwealth.  Hey I read the Boston Herald on line.

Why am I coming home you ask …

I am an American and I have to organize my taxes and I can hear the fucking “piping plovers” calling.

My favorite "bird"





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2 Responses to Coming home …

  1. Carol says:

    I let you win…..

  2. Gerry says:

    You look like Garth Brooks with that f..king hat on. Where is the cheap cigar?
    Be careful coming through customs looking like that!!!

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