$24,000.00 per hour!

Ted Kelly

Gee…I know I have a picture of him somewhere…give me a second and I’ll find it…

Ted Kelly

It kinda looks like him but….


Sorry…that’s Father Ted… aaaahhhh I think I’ve got it…

Ted Kelly

I don’t know if you have a policy with Liberty Mutual, I do, therefore I paid him $24,000.00 per hour to work at …

Brian McGrory, my favorite columist in the Boston Globe, says it best in “Soaring greed” 4/18/12, “I’ll say again what I’ve said before:  This is not a screed against the rich.  You invent something, you found a business, you excel in sports or the arts, you deserve whatever the world pays you.  But when you’re the CEO of a public company, or in this case, a mutual owned by the policy holders, you are a steward, not a lord, and this kind of pay and these kinds of perks are a thumb in the eye of common decency and sense.”

Todd Wallack of the Globe adds …

Edmund F. “Ted’’ Kelly’s paycheck looms large. Liberty Mutual’s longtime chief earned an average of nearly $50 million a year from 2008 to 2010, making him one of the highest paid executives in the country, according to state insurance filings. But the Boston insurance giant has declined to say how much Kelly earned in 2011, when he retired as CEO. The company, without explanation, omitted Kelly’s compensation from its latest annual financial report filed with state regulators last month.

I rarely complain about what athletes or business people are paid, after all this is the United States and I say more power to them … but somehow this one got to me…

…what say you?

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