eBay… Rolex watches, blazers and bow ties


Yes I know it’s been around for awhile but I just discovered how dangerous this site is.  You can buy anything on it and never  ever go to a brick and mortar store again… brilliant!

I used to ridicule this guy I knew that had 12 Rolex watches … yes 12 … all of which he bought on eBay.  I say what the fuck do you need 12 watches for, never mind Rolex watches.

rolex watch

…and what do I do, I buy a classic navy blue blazer on eBay.  I already have 5, two in Ireland and 3 in Milton.  One of the Milton blazers is 3 years old and I have worn it twice.  So how do you justify buying another?  I can’t.  I also bought a madras sports coat and I have worn it once and I’m sure that I won’t get to double figures on that one either.

…and some of you may be familiar with the “wrong violin” story, if you’re not just google the wrong violin or search my blog for it.  From the “wrong violin I go to the “right violin” and while scrolling down violin bows on eBay…I wanted to get a second bow…I come across a listing for a new violin, case, two bows and rosin for $34.95.  I paid $18.00 for my first bow and rosin.  Of course I bought them.  Lesson learned you get what you pay for.  What a piece of shit.

the "wrong violin" 230 years old

I have also tried to sell an original antique Chinese painting by Gouthro on eBay.  I like the painting but it is too big for my house and Mary doesn’t like it.  Anyone interested?

Last week end I lost two of my best fishing lures to what I tell people were really big stripers…what to do…go on eBay and bid on some fishing lures.  Normally I would pay around $10 each for the type I bid on.  The listing was for 3 lures and the minimum bid for all three was $5.01.  That’s what I bid and I have 3 lures on the way.

My fishing spot


This shit is scary.  It’s so easy and there is so much stuff on eBay you’re bound to find something you want, like or don’t need.

Next up a generator for the beach.  It arrived on Friday.  I bought two bow ties and they came the next day.  Bozo the Clown wouldn’t wear them.

road to the "beach" at sunrise

I have a pay-pal account that I use to pay for all this stuff and it’s soooooo easy.

Cowboy boots…I only have three pair … bass weejuns I have 3 new pairs and one with duck tape wrapped around each shoe …hats…I collect hats and I must have 20 various types in Ireland and about the same here in Milton… ya just can’t get by with numbers like this… so I’ve got lots of eBaying to do.


The following deserve your attention and support:

…the Matthew W. Houlihan Foundation, Inc.






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