Monet, van Gogh, Renoir, Bill Gates and God

Renoir's dance at Bougival

I intended to make the title  line into a full sentence by adding  … walk into a bar and … but instead will offer up some of my favorite pictures of masterworks for a brief  art appreciation session.

All humans possess different levels of talent be it in art, music, athletics or business.

You all know the varied degrees of talent that yours truly is blessed with, therefore I will not dwell on the details of same.  Bill Gates on the other hand is one of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution and is recognized as one of the 100 people who most influenced the 2oth century.

He and other like minded individuals (don’t forget Al Gore) have made it possible for people around the world to view and admire most if not all major art works instantly.  I obviously do not have these paintings hanging in my home, save my original Gouthro, which I am trying to unload for a very reasonable price.  The internet, thank you Bill and company, delivers them and more, when ever I want.  It is a beautiful thing.

Gouthro oil on canvas

Vincent van Gogh Irises


Degas Jockeys in the rain

John Singer Sargent is my favorite and I have a print of the “Daughters of Edward Boit” hanging in Milton.  The original is at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and it is so big (8’x8′) it literally takes up a whole wall of one room.  It is worth a visit.

Sargent's daughters of Edward Boit

Cezanne's card players

I have recently gotten to know my neighbor up the street in Clonegal, Ireland, Mark O’Neill, I like his work and thought I would share two of my favorites.  Below is a portrait of Mickey Dunn, shop keeper/farmer in the village.

… and my absolute O’Neill favorite …

O'Neill's Band of Brothers

Oh where was I ….Monet, van Gogh, Renoir, Bill Gates and God walk into a bar and the bartender delivers a picture of “water” to their table … and after 6 or 7 pictures of “water” the conversation turns to their artistic work…and thanks to Billy they are able to view each others masterpieces.  An argument develops and God was asked to judge which work and artist is the best.  God said that it was unfortunate that Gouthro didn’t come along with them because he thought his work was worthy of  judgement against those in attendance.  (Make me an offer)

God then asked them to look at his most recent work and to include it in the mix.




Billy said “game over” and ordered a shot of Irish and a beer.

Take the time to look around and let your mind capture the beauty that surrounds us.


The following deserve your attention and support:

…the Matthew W. Houlihan Foundation, Inc.





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  1. Carol says:

    The beauty of nature is Gods gift to us all, you just have to look. He must be thrilled with the digital camera, the Internet and peoples ability to share their photos instantly. Love your sunrise.

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