The “third” violin

The "third" violin on the "beach"

I understand that if you’re reading this you’re probably saying … enough with this violin shit and while you’re at it no more cat stories … so let me tell you more about the “third” violin …

You may recall that I bought it through eBay and that I paid $34.95 for it and that it was a piece of shit.  Well on my eBay feedback to the seller I gave them a horrible rating and what does the seller do … they call me and offer a full refund plus shipping if I change my feedback comments on eBay.  I thought that was fair and so I changed it.  The full credit was issued while I was on the phone and on eBay… and they never ask me to ship the piece of shit back.  The case alone is worth $15.00.

Am I a cute “whore” or what…

"Already" visits again...and again

“Already” is pissed off that I’m spending so much time at the beach.

The Congress School of Music held its adult recital this past Sunday at the Beachcomber on Wallaston Beach in Quincy.

violins lost

My performance was brilliant … not fucking brilliant … just brilliant… but I can’t understand why Aidan wanted me to sit in the back row and only play the “air” violin.

How often can you say that you’re a better person after being with someone for a certain amount of time.  That is how I feel about Aidan Maher.  He takes great pride in teaching and even greater pride in presenting his students before an audience.  The performance by three young men that he has taught since they were little boys is beyond written description and I will make it known when and where they perform next.

Aidan plus 2

Aidan plus 3

Aidan is a master fiddle player, singer, Irish step dancer and teacher.  In his younger days he was an all Ireland hurling player and a champion euro-vision ballroom dancer.


… and when he thought it would be a good idea to build a second story on his house…he did …

Aaaahhh to be so talented.  I know, I know you’re probably saying as you read this that my talents also rival that of a true renaissance man and I won’t argue with you…

…so why would my neighbor yell at me the other day as I was moving some wood with a wheel barrow … “Hey Carney…get away from that wheel barrow…you know you don’t know nothin bout machinery”


The following deserve your attention and support:

…the Matthew W. Houlihan Foundation, Inc.


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4 Responses to The “third” violin

  1. Diane D. says:

    Your comments about the ebay violin caught my attention. Felt sorry that you had such a disappointing experience with Ebay. I have never done business with them and doubt I ever will.
    I love violin music and full orchestra classical. I hope to attend the summer concerts at Tanglewood some time (been planning to do this for the past 30 years but there was always some sort of event or crisis that interfered with that dream). Do you play at one of our beaches for interested locals? (That beach picture is wonderful you should enter it into a photo contest and/or submit to one of the many art museums here in New England. It touched me with many varied emotions, one being sad “The Lonely Violin). Your friend sounds like an amazing person and oddly enough I can identify with his character in a lot of ways. He must be Irish (as I am).
    Well I sure hope you have acquired a violin that meets or surpasses your dreams.
    Best wishes to you and if you play locally at a venue or at the beach I would love to hear you.

    • Daniel Carney says:

      Yes he is Irish and many thanks for your note…I do have a very special violin and you can read about it in my post called “The Wrong Violin”…and you must go to Tanglewood…there is nothing like listening to music in the mountains of western Mass.

  2. Sue says:

    Thrilled to see Aiden here. My daughter took lessons from him many years ago. Do you know if he still teaches at his home in Quincy?

  3. DANIEL W CARNEY says:

    And to think that as a boy I believed that I was the only Daniel Carney in the world. Well, I was in the true centre (note the spelling) of the world viz. Perth, Western Australia but I do now accept that other places , particularly in Ireland and USA are passable.
    I now learn that Daniel Carney founded Pizza Hut so must be a nice guy even if he doesn’t play the violin. I started at age 6 and have been practising hard for 75 years.
    Great to find another Daniel Carney fiddle player.
    I did get to Tanglewood once with friends who live in Greenwich. Very enjoyable and with tremendous American hospitality.
    My Irish grandmother insisted on me being named ‘Daniel’.
    Having enjoyed a varied violin career with many highlights (even including USA) I am now reduced to playing funerals for old friends (another this week). The occasional professional gig occasionally arises. I have a very beautiful Italian fiddle (ca1740) and have just had repaired a Claude Pierray from 1726 (which I bought in the 70’s for $40). My bows are also very good. Fiddle playing is excellent for the brain and body but especially for the soul – I love it. It can never be mastered.
    Glad to hear from other Daniel Carneys and if you’re passing nearby Western Australia (Perth area) call in, for hospitality awaits.
    That photo of the session with three lads and their teacher is great.

    Dan Carney

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