October rising

It is now October and daylight’s time is getting shorter…and this makes me sad.

…but the Professor, my Senator, the Senate and the House are all looking out for me and this makes me feel …better?

Since the beginning of August the Senate and the House have been in session for a TOTAL of 8 and 10 days respectively.  I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that there are a few serious matters that must be addressed by our hard working representatives in Congress… but then again everybody deserves a vacation… just look at those poor unfortunates in Greece.

Anyone else for term limits?

This special season at the beach is over…though I will go swimming at least one more day in October… just so that I can say that I have been swimming in Buzzards Bay since May.

I have spent more time on the beach this summer than since I was a kid.  I found that on some days I was the only person there.  I enjoyed the solitude but felt sad that I did not share some of those days and nights.  I am afraid that “time” has affected the general “population” of the “beach”.

I enjoyed watching the Ryder Cup.  The outcome…not so good.  Ya just gotta love Bubba Watson and the way he got the crowd involved.  I don’t understand why you have to be so quiet when someone is hitting a golf ball while a crowd is screaming at a batter who is attempting to hit a ball that is coming at him at 90 mph.

Could someone explain to me when and how this tournament became so “big”.  I have been watching golf a long time but I somehow missed those details.

While I’m at it could someone explain to me what happened to the Red Sox and why some sports experts were picking the Patriots to go undefeated?  Hey the second half of the Bills game was OK but …

I just booked my flight to Ireland.  A change is good and I’m looking forward to “periods of sun, clouds and rain today and rain, clouds and periods of sun tomorrow”.

Front view Abbeydown

It is important that one dresses for the weather in Ireland.  I dress for the weather and always  like an American.

at the “Long Cock” competition

My cell phone just rang and, of course, I didn’t answer it but as I look at it I wonder if I’m living in the stone age…it is not a “smart phone” the only thing it does is make and take calls…just like this last robocall from the Professor.

…and besides that, the batteries are getting tired and old … and …

I must recharge like Bubba implores me to …


The following deserve your attention and support:

the Matthew W. Houlihan Foundation, Inc.



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  1. Your Niece says:

    Missed alot of the beach this summer and it hurts my heart. Like you, I enjoy being down there whether by myself or with family. I feel that everything is right with the world when I can hear the waves and feel the sun on my face. It must be a Carney thing. I will still go down during the winter but its not the same. Not in a bad way, just different. See you in November!!

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