Sandy and her gang…

Day after Sandy hit

Sandy, Irene, Earl, Floyd, Esther,Doria, Gloria, Bob, Danny, Edna, Donna, Carol, Carol again, the Great Atlantic, 1944 and 1938 are names and dates that have had an impact on my family and other “beach” people that celebrate and suffer with coastal living.

We lost in 1944, Carol and Bob and came away with minor damage in Danny, Irene and Sandy.  I might add that no insurance company is crazy enough to get involved with “beach” property like ours .  As an aside, my sister’s name is Carol, my brother’s name is Bob and I am called Danny by people who remember me when…

Why do we keep going back?

Driving down the road for the first time each spring and the anticipation of days like below erase those bad moments and memories till the next time…and believe me we know there will always be a next time.

I was young and innocent in 1954 and my most vivid memory of “Carol” was sitting at the kitchen table with my mother, brother and sister…my father had gone to work…and looking up,  a canoe flew by the window.  The concern in my mother’s face will live with me forever.

Weather forecasting in those days was to look out a window, there were no hurricane alerts or warnings and it was only a “feeling” that drove my father back down the beach to pick us up and hours later… everything was gone.

By the end of each September we celebrate the summer season … that is … if we escaped with no major storms…this year  Sandy reminded us that it ain’t over till the fat lady sings

We feel for the people that have been hit by Sandy and we wish them well … and I can only promise them that there will be days like this that will help them forget …

If you have the means and desire to help those people, please consider the following

Salvation Army

Serving in Hurricane Sandy’s Wake

The Salvation Army is serving those impacted by Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic with food, clean-up kits, as well as emotional and spiritual care. For the latest updates, and ways you can show your support, visit our national blog.

Donate now to storm relief.

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  1. Mike says:

    Hi Dan,

    Looks like you guys did OK with the storm. We were thinking of your all and hoping the little slice of heaven was well and good. Hope all is well.

    Mike, Catherine, Colin, and Seamus

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