News from Clonegal and beyond …

The letters to the editor in Irish papers are quite entertaining and this one deals with the controversy involving Rory McIIroy’s nationality.

“Sir, Surely the question of Rory McIIroy’s nationality has been settled once and for all by his rushed late arrival on the first tee at Medinah (October 2nd).  Whatever he thinks himself, he is clearly 100 per Irish. Yours, ect…”  (To fully understand this letter, the controversy is he now says he’s British, google “Rory shows up late” and that the Irish are NEVER on time)

Note the BIG clock

The next one and many other deals with the weather.

“Sir, In the present circumstances, why do our weather forecasters feel the need to talk so much?  Surely it can all be summarised with a variation on Samuel Beckett?  Rain, Rain, Rain again, Rain wetter – Your, ect”

As previously reported Glen Hansard, Oscar winner, singer song writer was at Osbornes the other night (my wife’s father old pub next to their home)

… and then there is (call me out of the loop cuz I don’t know who she is) but the actress Mila Kunis abashed at being crowned the sexiest woman alive.  “I don’t know how to answer that…without sounding like an asshole.”

Mila Kunis

…and that little bit leads to … An Italian priest has provoked outrage after putting up an article that said women were partly to blame for encouraging domestic violence by failing to clean their houses and cook properly and for wearing tight and provocative clothing.

Is it any wonder that  people especially young people are leaving the church.

Moving on to my favorite country… the government is outraged that Gerard Depardieu, entrepreneurs and senior private equity executives have opted for tax exile.  Pray tell why would they do that.  Well  Pierre Moscovici, finance minister, said… the 75% (yes that’s 75%) tax rate was an important element in what he called the government’s policy of “social justice” (my quotation marks)

Met my new best friend at Leopardstown racecourse the other day, Leo Varadkar, Minister of transport, Tourism and Sports.  Though our conversation was brief, I think he was rushing to one of the “turf” accountants to collect his winnings, I do believe I am now on his “party list”.

Leo … as his friends call him

Then Sami Nasri’s, a French Footballer, conversation with a reporter after France lost to Spain.

Sami Nasri

Reporter:  “A word?” Nasri: You are looking for shit, you are looking for trouble.  You’re always writing shit stories about us.”  Reporter: “Well get lost, then.”  Nasri: “You tell me to get lost?  Come and we’ll sort it our over there…”  Reporter: “That’s it.”  Nasri: Fuck you, go fuck your mother, you son of a bitch, fuck you.  There now you can also write that I was badly educated.”  French manager Laurent Blanc on hearing the exchange?  “There’s a problem between Sami Nasri and the press.”    Well, yeah….

Finally Sean O’Brien perhaps one of the most accommodating athletes I have met in a long time.

European player of the year Sean O’Brien

After a local rugby match in which Alan Deering (relative) was playing in, I asked him if he would pose for a picture with my daughter.

“Of course” he said…

To all those that offered prayers for my cousin…I thank you ….

and I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year….at last count readers of this blog are from over 30 countries….and I’m still trying to understand why anyone from the Philippines would want to find me.  They did it by googling “dan carney’s blog”


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