“A terrible beauty” and the tax man


The Irish economy is still on the fence and The Irish Times is reporting that the Dáil Éireann (equivalent to US Congress) will incorporate a scenery tax into the upcoming budget to generate additional revenue.

Tourists will automatically pay a fee upon arriving in Ireland and it will be based on their itinerary.  I would imagine a lot of people will begin listing Limerick “Stab City” on their travel plans.

Home owners will be assessed a tax on the general scenery in their particular part of the country.  Water views and mountains … more like hills … and sloping farm fields separated by stone walls will be assessed at a higher rate.

You may recall the television advertisement that ran for a while in the States … the theme was “Ireland…the birthplace of good times”.  Next year a “good time” tax will be attached to the scenery tax.  How “good times” will be calculated has not been explained as of yet.  Rumor has it the the Dail will set up a new government department to “investigate” “good times” and establish a data base of sceneries.

We are about to pay a local property tax (first time in Ireland) and the average tax is estimated to be around 300-400 Euros per year ($500.00) … and the uproar is deafening.  I know what we pay in Milton and it is a “bit” more than that.

The article added that France’s 75% tax on the “rich” will now include additional tax revenue for champagne (Dom Perignon will be taxed at a rate of 67%)…of course the Irish has added more taxes on all alcoholic beverages.

I have bought my last bottle of Dom P. and will continue to suffer through Irish whiskey and Guinness.

The Times sports section has an article about the Liverpool soccer team which is owned by John Henry and friends (Boston Red Sox) and reports on the money generated by the advertising on the player’s jerseys.  Mr. Henry is quoted in the article saying that he has entered into negotiations with Trojan Condoms for Red Sox uniforms.

I can hear the fans now “Hey use prick…ya farta shouda used one.”

The real baseball season is about to start…go you Sox … and today is April 1, 2013.

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  1. Carol says:

    Ha Ha Ha

  2. Carol says:

    Joe says he hopes our congress doesn’t see this, they will think it’s a good idea and Obama will love it.

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