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It is with mixed emotions that I will soon return to “my” country.  I have been in Ireland since early December and it is time to go home.

The weather in Ireland seems to be getting better as each day passes but because of the constant rain this last month, I didn’t get to places that I wanted to visit.

Colleen will remain in Ireland, I will miss her greatly and that is difficult to write about … she means more to me than words could ever explain.

Dublin is her home now…for, as yet to be determined time.  I am sure that Clonegal will not be the same after the hoards of Hubspotters,  Hubspot  http://www.hubspot.com,  descend on the village and Osborne’s Pub.

There is a certain beauty to this country this time of the year.  It is green all year around but the spring is special and the smell of the land is powerful and sweet.

I will miss my new Irish fiddle teacher Michael Bolton and I thank him for preparing me for my upcoming tour with the Dave Mathews Band.

I will not miss Irish television or European Sports…but I will miss the ponies and Mr. Kearney at the Leopardstown Race Track.

I look forward to going to this race course and the following might explain why the “crack” is so good.  (click on titles)

The 11.20 Express from Clonegal to Leopardstown

Mr. Kearney holds court at Leopardstown

I am going home to see my brother who is not well, I am going home to prepare for my return to the “beach”… and I will anxiously await his return to same.

I do like where I live in Milton, it is a small house close to the city but “a good local” does not exist. It is a “dry” town.  I miss “Already” the cat that visited with me everyday … well at least when I was there.

I miss sun sets and the early morning sun rises at the “beach”

I miss my sister and brother in law’s take on the world’s “state of affairs”, sports and “his” President .  I look forward to catching some fish, Mary even bought me some expensive lures for Christmas … digging quohogs and clams and just sitting on the deck looking at Cuttyhunk Island.

To understand why my face is distorted you might want to read

When salmon graze and pigs fly … all along the Derry

It is time to go home…to cars that I’m sure won’t start, a yard and house that has been hammered by the hard winter, the “where the f**k have you been” cat, returning to Aidan Maher, my fiddle teacher in Quincy and, most of all, friends,  family … and …

It is time to go home to the greatest country on the planet.

Please consider supporting a  charity that has been set up for the Boston Marathon victims and their families and …

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  1. Carol says:

    Guess what? You will be coming home to cold and rain. Maybe by next week it will warm up.

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