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Nearly 16 years on the run and two years after his arrest on charges he played a role in 19 murders, James “Whitey” Bulger is about to face a jury.

Bulger, who is 83, fled in 1994 after being tipped off that he was about to be indicted. He remained a fugitive for more than 16 years before being captured in Santa Monica, Calif., in June 2011.

I posted a personal experience involving James “Whitey” Bulger and John Connolly, his FBI handler soon after his capture.   Every time I think of it  I get chills up and down my spine.  It is a bit longer than most of my posts but for those interested….I’ll  run it again.

            Jimmy and Johnny offer to help…

Posted on June 26, 2011 by Daniel Carney

James :Whitey: Bulger

I might as well join the fray…but  my story is much more personal.  I have told this tale on a number of occasions but I have never written about it.  Though I will not mentioned the names of other individuals involved, some will know who they are.

The story is true.

Most of my business career has been in television, specifically cable television.  I was the co-founder of a cable television company on the south shore of Massachusetts.

I sought out a person with political clout and money to fund my entrepreneur’s spirit.  This individual also owned a radio station and the station was the “flag ship” station of both the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins.  The sports network involved about 90 other radio stations throughout New England.

The cable television licensing process in Massachusetts is long and arduous.  It requires many nights out presenting your case to town officials.  The process takes up to two years before a franchise is awarded.  On most occasions I was accompanied by our attorney and after most if not all meetings we would adjourn for strategy discussions and a beverage or two.  He became a very close friend and remains so today.

As an aside this anecdote might give you an idea how competitive the process was.

A dead line for applying for a franchise in a town was fast approaching and I had not begun to write the proposal.  I got a call from an individual representing a competing cable company headquartered in Philadelphia.  He asked me if I would join him for lunch and I agreed.  We exchanged pleasantries and ordered lunch.  He asked if I was going to file for this particular franchise and I answered that we would.  He then said “I can make it worth your while if you miss the dead line”.  I asked “what that might be?”  He quietly said “$50,000.00″.  I got up from the table and said “see you at the filing”.

During this same time the FBI was pursuing the Angiulo crime family in the North End of Boston.  One of the agents involved was John Connolly Jr.  John was also a prodigy of William Bulger, the Massachusetts Senate President.  John was a opportunist and was told it would be in his best interest to meet the owner of the “flag ship” station for the Red Sox.

John Connolly

John began courting the station owner and I soon joined the owner and John for lunch on several occasions.  John would entertain us with stories of his exploits involving the Angiulos.  He told us that one of his responsibilities was to listen to the wire taps and then identify the voices for the indictments that would follow.  Apparently John was so familiar with the “family” that he was able do this.  I thought it was a bit unusual for an FBI agent to discuss his on going activities with civilians.

John was a frequent recipient of Red Sox tickets and on one occasion the station owner sent him over to my office which was located in another part of town.  He came to  get “hot wired” cable boxes for himself and his friends.   Perhaps he was doing some research on cable theft, but I must point out that this is illegal,

Several weeks later I get a call from the station owner and he asked me to come up to his office.  He said he was going to have a few visitors and asked me to sit in the conference room near his office.   I was able to hear the conversations but not see who they were.

The town council for one of the towns we were applying for the cable franchise was a long time foe of the station owner.  He was making it very difficult for us and it was quite obvious he had a personal vendetta against him.

The conversation initially was quite frivolous, the Red Sox, the weather and tickets to games.  Then the conversation turned to the town council in this particular town.  It went “John has told me that the town council in                 is giving you a lot of shit.”  “Oh ya, I’ve known him for a long time and we have had our differences”.  Now the following is going to sound like some lines from a Hollywood script but it went like this … “Do you want me to whack him?”  Nervous laughter “Oh no…I think we’ll be able to handle him”.  “Well do you want me to knee cap him?” More laughter and  “No”.  The conversation then turned to a lighter side and they left.

The station owner called me over and asked if I knew who the guys were and I said I recognized John Connolly’s voice but didn’t know who the other guy was.  He said that was Whitey Bulger.

An FBI agent had brought Whitely Bulger to the office to offer him up to kill someone.

I left shaken and more than pissed off that I was set up to listen to this conversation.

It has been sometime since this happened and I still feel strongly that John Connolly was just as evil and ruthless as “Whitey”.

May they both spend the rest of their lives in jail…and thereafter in hell.

The trial or should I say jury selection starts tomorrow.


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