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Talent comes from all directions.  Some are blessed with an abundance of creativity, others dream and take action through ideas that become objects of necessity and desire.

On the 31st of June, I will offer up my humble talents to my devoted followers.

Those of you that attended my reading of  6’1″ posted on February 7, 2011  (just click on date) may recall the similarities to John Cage’s “Silence”.  Well it so happens that a John Cage performance of his 1963 “Variations III” is scheduled on June 15, at the Third Life Studio in Somerville’s Union Square.  Somerville, for those that are not familiar with the area, is located next to the Republic of Cambridge,  a well know haven for the right wing Tea Party.

The "third" violin

The “third” violin

“Variations III” is one of Cage’s most nonspecific and intricate compositions.  Each performer (“one or any number of persons”) is to cut out 42 identical circles from a sheet of transparent plastic and drop them on top of each other;  the largest group of linked circles becomes that performer’s score.

Are you following me or should I say Mr. Cage?


“Starting with any circle, observe the number of circles which overlap it,” Cage instructs.  “Make an action or actions having the corresponding number of interpenetrating variables.”  The process is repeated for each circle.

Cage doesn’t say what the action or actions should be, or if they even need to be musical actions. (One performance given by Cage himself) included the heavily amplified sounds of him smoking a cigarette, writing a letter, and drinking a glass of water.)  But the detailed preparations … almost a form of meditative practice … show how, for Cage, freedom for the performers was impossible without the performers freeing themselves.

“When this freedom is given to people who are not disciplined,” Cage once said, “who are not, in other words, changed individuals, but who remain people with particular likes and dislikes then, of course, the giving of freedom is of no interest whatsoever.”

The venue for my “exhibition/performance” will be the White Rooster Pub in Cohasset, Massachusetts.

white rooster A town that I have “delightful” memories of my business dealings with town officials and residents.  I do hope that some of my biker friends make themselves know to all they pass.

… and the … “exhibition/presentation” …  well it will go something like this … I will cut circles in 42 pictures of Alex Rodriguez and scatter them around my Ted Williams card and picture collection.   So that you know the significance, Teddy “Ballgame’s” number was 9.  The background music will be a taped version of me playing my new favorite song  on my 232 year old fiddle     Can’t wait to hear the song, just click on the youtube site above.

a-rod…Hope to see you at the White Rooster for “Variations in view of # 9”

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Yes … I do realize the extent of my talent … and it is                           (feel free to fill in the blank)


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