The lazy days of summer … I don’t think so!

jacoby ellesbery As I write this the Red Sox have the best record in baseball and my main man Jacoby Ellsbury is now batting .300.  Yes I do understand there are a few doubters out there that say wait until September and then they will show their true colors.  I say f**k that!  I’m enjoying the ride now.

brad stevens…Brad Stevens the new coach of the Boston Celtics.  I do believe Danny Ainge has one smart basketball  mind.  I can’t wait to see what this guy can do with the young players and Rajon.  I think it will be an entertaining season of basketball.  I wish him well.

Of course the returning General Manager of the Indiana Pacers, Larry Bird, had a quick comment about Danny, his former teammate.  “Believe me, Danny Ainge knows what he’s doing.”  Bird said.  “He won a championship.  I never doubt Danny Ainge.  I only doubted him when he had the ball in his hand and three seconds to go.”  This from a guy that said before a three point contest at an all star game, “OK, who’s coming in second.”  Ya gotta love “Larry Legend”.


Then there is Aaron Hernandez …  we will be “entertained” by this case for the next year or so.  Can there be anyone out there that is as stupid as this guy.


…and we also have Whitey to “entertain” us for the next four or five months.  It just can’t get any better than this….but ya know what is kind of scary…Keven Weeks, Patrick Nee and James Martorano walking around the city with a resume of 20 plus killings between them.

whitey… and oh ya … if you didn’t enjoy the Bruins ride through June you don’t belong in New England.  Would a baseball or basketball player play with injuries that Patrice Bergeron had?  Don’t think so….

patrice bergeron

I don’t imagine many readers of this blog read the Boston Herald.  This past Friday was a classic.  The front page screamed “State of De-Nile.”


“Live shot” … oh I mean the Secretary of State’s office denied that Kerry was boating off Nantucket during the Egyptian crisis until pictures were splashed in several papers around the world.

Kerry’s spokesman was forced to retract her denial that the Secretary of State has been enjoying water sports during the crisis…then came the Boston Globe to the rescue claiming that “live shot” is 24/7 and is well deserving of time on the water.

…and on July 20 & 21 its the South Coast Artists Open Studio Tour

open studio2014-05-11 07.24.16

Over 70 “Risk Takers” (artists) display their work along some of most beautiful winding roads on the South Coast.  It is a great opportunity to discover the area and to buy “art” at reasonable prices.  I look forward to seeing some of you at 608 Division Road in South Dartmouth and do hope you find something you like.

Please support the following in any way you can:

south coastart centercommunitymatt h


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