An inbound train called HubSpot


HubSpot_Logo_2xI was one of 5,300 people that recently attended the “Inbound” marketing conference hosted by an express train called HubSpot.

HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing software is used by me and  more than 10,000 other companies in 56 countries to attract leads and convert them into customers. As a pioneer in inbound marketing, HubSpot’s mission is to make marketing, sales and service current, effective and catch this … more human.

The two MIT guys that founded this company seven years ago truly recognize that people/ humans play a key role in making the technology train run on time.


Brian Halligan danced and played the air guitar (he’s a “Deadhead”) in front of 5,000 people while introducing HubSpots new applications to the passengers on his train.  Dharmesh Shah, the so called introvert, talked about the human factor and my phone.

Yes…my phone, I’m sure that I was the only person in the conference hall that had a phone that just made and accepted calls … sometimes … I must and will do something about getting with the program.

My web site http://  and just about all other web sites are like my phone … the content is the same for those that seek information on your products, a lead that revisits your site and then the actual customer.  The site does not evolve with the change from interest to service.

HubSpot introduced a new app that will adapt to that change…and as Halligan said “How cool is that?”

I had the opportunity to attend a session with speaker Nancy Duarte  the leading expert on integrating the power of story into presentations and business communications.  She talked about the science of communicating and used three people as examples of communicating while dissecting two speeches … the “I have a dream speech” by Dr. King and the 10 minute Evita Peron speech in 1947.

Nancy is also the author of the award-winning book slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations and Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences.

She was very good.

Some of the other scheduled speakers are Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington, Scott Harrison and Nate Silver.

I am now going to use a cliche that I hate but it is very appropriate … at the end of the day … there I said it and you ask was that at the end of the business day or at 11:59pm?

It was on the train ride home, that I felt left behind…that the train left the station without me.  The technology available to business people today is “so cool” and I am afraid time is not on my side.

So now you feel sorry for me and want to help me get on the train.  OK you can start with explaining Twitter, Google glasses and perhaps recommend a reasonably priced phone and monthly plan.

… and I will learn to play a Grateful Dead song on my fiddle.

gratefull dead


There is one disclaimer…my daughter works for HubSpot in Dublin Ireland, and is the manager of international services.

Hey throw some support or coin at the following:

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