The August winds

2014-08-02 15.31.13

an august sunrise lights the way to no where

2014-08-02 15.36.00

  birds awaken and their sweet sounds  compete with the heavy noise of waves pounding onto the sandy shore

2014-07-20 18.25.17

buzzards bay and the sun are august hot… a morning beach walk is aborted by a brief swim in the bay… there are few people staying on the beach… perhaps because it is mid-week or that rain is in the forecast

2014-07-28 19.00.24

one can feel a subtle change in the air and water… a change only time tested beach people would notice

2014-07-12 15.53.08

the august winds have not delivered blue fish to the shore as yet and pre-dawn forays to the channel have not produced any striped bass… as a watch for the birds to give up where they are hiding begins

2013-07-30 23.07.21

the change in the air and water may be more than just subtle… the sun, moon and stars try to cooperate… resulting in catching pictures rather than fish…

2014-07-20 06.44.26

…there is a change coming …

…and the august winds have given notice that time is passing quickly …

i respectfully suggest you support the following


matt h

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