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The glass bowl is a misnomer.  It should be the “bowl of memories”.  It is a bowl filled with ticket stubs and collateral associated with places, concerts, events and various other memorable and not so memorable things in my life.

I was sorting through the bowl the other day looking for the registration for my old 1961 3.4 Jaguar sedan.  Why…because while at a wonderful wedding in Mystic Connecticut this summer, I happened on a restored Jaguar like my old one.  I got to talk to the owner and he told me it was a 1962 and that he had just bought it.  I asked how much and he said $29,500.00.  Dam…

jag 60

Digging through the bowl I found ticket stubs to concerts and that reminded me of a fireside chat we had at the “beach” this summer…those in attendance “might” remember discussing the best concerts we had attended.

I have been to see U2, Frank, the Stones, Bob Dylan (probably the most) when he went electric in Newport, John Coltrane, Myles Davis (back to the audience), Tom Petty, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison (our company sponsored his appearance) Jimmy Buffett, Sonny Rollins, Doctor John and many, many more.  My favorites, and I found the ticket stubs, are …but I just can’t rank them … Mark Knopfler with Emmy Lou Harris, Lucinda Williams, Neil Young and the Queen herself (back stage) Aretha.

I found stubs for the greatest  playoff basketball game in  history of the NBA 

The Celtics/Phoenix triple overtime game.  I found my pass to the White House for Neil Armstrong’s reception after landing on the moon.  I found my drink receipts from “Harry’s Bar” in Venice…my ticket to the Hager/Antuofermo fight at the old Boston Garden.

Short story here.  My tickets happened to be for some “wise guys” seats (3rd row) and the wise guys show up just before the fight starts and says “get out of my seats”  and I say I have tickets for these seats and I’m staying.  He then told me to watch my back.  Soon after a Boston cop came by and told me who the guys were and that it would be in my best interest to move to other seats.  I didn’t and when the fight was over I disappeared very quickly.

I found stubs for Sugar Ray Leonard’s comeback fight against Kevin Howard…passes to my daughter’s commencement day at Harvard…invitations to my TV station’s St. Patrick’s Day Party…the Massachusetts State Police were “kind” enough to bed me after that celebration.

The emergency recall listing of the Joint Planning Group Headquarters Marine Corps Joint Chiefs of Staff.  The list includes a Lt Col Huguenin.  I was assigned to him for certain projects one of which was to justify the existence of the Marine Corps to General Westmoreland, Army Joint Chief of Staff.  He was  a brilliant writer, a POW, an anti Vietnam Marine (not a very popular position but he was very open about it) and a owner of a Jaguar like mine.  I asked him one morning why he had a coke and chocolate for breakfast and he said….”the things that I missed most as a POW were women, coke and candy”…He also told me he had been married a few times.


… and a print out of my friend’s place on the “Wall” … panel 24W line # 003 casualty date 14 May 1969 Henry Anthony Chevalier.

and many Boston Symphony Orchestra stubs, one in particular brought a  smile to my face.  I love Halloween, I dress up for it all the time and did so going to the Symphony.  All, and I do mean all the ushers and bartenders (one must consume great quantities of alcohol going to one of these concerts) loved my costume, whereas the patrons could not bring themselves to even acknowledge my existence.  Boston Brahmins are alive and well attending Boston Symphony concerts and could care less about our troops insuring that they and their descendents retain their right to be ass holes.

Take note of an up and coming musician Ted Wyman … home turf … the Cantab, in the Republic of Cambridge, Massachusetts.  He’s there most Friday nights.


An Idiot’s Guide to Warren Zevon

by Ted

Next Friday, October 25, at 9pm, I’m doing my Ted Wyman Solo Acoustic thing at the Cantab Lounge

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