Defy Logic

higgins Hypocrite…Moi? Hell yes… I’ve been told that, on occasion, I have been uncomplimentary about the little leprechaun, the Irish President, Michael D. Higgins.  I might have described him, after he criticized American conservatives, something like  “…that left wing Irish socialist midget bastard”….and furthermore,  I would remind the “little one” that if it wasn’t for the USA his country would be speaking German….aaahhh but what do I do…have my picture taken with the little f**k head. asshole Do I …Defy Logic…once again hell yes!  The horse went off at 7-2 at the Leopardstown Racecourse on St. Steven’s Day.  Ciaran and I picked him and made a few “bob”.  My daughter on the other hand went O for 5. 2014-12-25 20.00.42 The National Thoroughbred Racing Association out of Lexington Kentucky was kind enough to request the Leopardstown Racecourse to extend the “appropriate privileges” to our party of three.  That would be Colleen, my daughter, Ciaran O’Sullivan and myself. I should add that Colleen may have been distracted by her conversation with the “Edge” and brief hello to Bono. edge &Because of the “appropriate privileges” (€100.00 each) we were able to visit with the rich and famous of Ireland, and Colleen took the occasion to chat with her old friend the “Edge”. 

After Ciaran’s first big win with (Guitar Pete) we  knew the day would end up memorable, to say the least. guitar pete We also happened upon the Irish consultants to WGBH’s (PBS) documentary film crew, Aideen Roach, Alan and Tom Deering. The “film” is about horse racing in Ireland and we were told that after a few more visits to this track and others throughout Ireland, it should be finished soon after.  I am convinced that they, GBH, will feature this documentary during fund raising week.

2013-12-26 19.17.43We did not see Mr. Kearney at the “Members Only Club”.  In the past he has provided “tips” that have produced positive results.  I hope he is OK.

The Leopardstown Racecourse is a special place and we all look forward to returning next year.  The management and security personnel were most kind and we sincerely thank them for their hospitality. 

What to do next…after the long rainy drive back to Clonegal, Mr. O’Sullivan was required to “pony up” at Osbornes Pub.

I now have 12 months to gather my thoughts about next year’s Leopardstown foray.

…and with that, I will add one more picture…

col &

My best wishes to all that read my “shit” and a Very Happy and Healthy New Year to all.



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