Tehran, wastebaskets, Ben and the FBI


watching you I get a daily and monthly report on visits to my web site www.driftwoodartdesigns.com and my blog www.danielncarney.com .  Recently, I got several “visits” from people in Tehran, Iran, and I thought that one or more of our crack security agencies might be interested in the reason for the contacts and begin to monitor my sites.

I could tell you but I won’t because if I did I would jeopardize your personal freedom and perhaps result in your tax returns being audited.

The “hits” reminded me of an in person visit, several years ago, by the FBI to my daughter’s, at the time, newly purchased condo in Charlestown, Massachusetts.   They ended their 7am interrogation by asking her not to tell anyone about the reason for their visit.  She told me and at the drop of a hat, (I collect hats) I will tell anyone that is interested why they paid her a visit.


I don’t know why but it also reminded me of one of my duties at Headquarters Marine Corps, Joint Planning Group in Arlington, Virginia.  I was required to have, if not all, pretty close to every security clearance there was to have.  I was told that the FBI did a through background check on me prior to my assignment.  They did say through.

At the time, I was a mere corporal and I would place five or six waste paper baskets in front of me and as every level of security message, from around the world, would arrive at the command center, I would determine who got what message and what was important and not so important.  These messages would range from TOP SECRET SENSITIVE MARINE CORPS EYES ONLY to CONFIDENTIAL.

To this day, I can’t believe a Corporal in the Marine Corps was making these kind of decisions.

 Did someone ask about the FBI visiting my daughter?

During the interrogation, they told her how long she was in Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, Korea (she taught school there) and other places that I no longer recall.  They then asked why she traveled to Ireland so often and why there was no record of her leaving, only returning to the States.

Some of her friends believed she was in the CIA…me…well…

She said the first 45 minutes were a bit scary but the last 15 minutes they got to the matter at hand.  “You spent almost two years in Korea and then returned to work at the Korean consulate in Boston, the FBI has a difficult time in understanding the Korean culture and people and if we were to call upon you, would you help?”

She had just gotten her cell phone and said “Of course, do you need my new phone number?”  “We have it” they replied.

benThose who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.  Ben Franklin

…and now, “Live Shot” John Kerry, US Secretary of State, is working quite nicely with those trusting Iranians and I’m getting “visited” by a bunch of towel heads that just may ask me “We’re having a difficult time understanding the United States culture and people, would you be willing to ….”


My US phone number is in the book and you probably have my Irish mobile number.  Call me anytime and we can chat about the above and your brother FBI agent spending the rest of his life in a Florida jail.  I have a story to tell about him.


If you meet, see or know a veteran, thank them for their service and please do all that you can for our active troops and their families.

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