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 OK Already, I’ll get off the subject of booze soon enough but I must tell you about this steward on our Aer Lingus fight back to the states.

Because of the strong, and I do mean strong, turbulence coming over he had to sit down for a good length of time.  We got to talking about Irish whiskey  and he asked if I had ever tried Jameson 12 year old.  I said I had but Jameson and Paddy’s were fine with me.  He said that Paddy’s gave him a headache.

First of all this guy is Polish, about 6’3”, weighs in around 275 lbs, lives in Krakow, Poland and commutes to Dublin.  Within the next year he will have his co-pilot’s license to fly big planes.

Now I realize that some Irish can drink a lot (one drank 5 bottles of wine, 6 or 7 large cans of Heineken and a few gin and tonics at a party we were at). 

The steward got headaches the next morning after drinking Paddy’s because he would consume the whole bottle.  Hello!

John B. Keane, the late Irish playwright, in this YouTube video talks about the “drink”.  It is hilarious!  His description includes the sound of pouring a drink while his wife stands behind him.

Click on john b and enjoy…you might want to pour one while your watching.

John B Keane On Drink – YouTube

► 2:20► 2:20

 I have this friend that was having some medical problems and he asked his doctor if he could have a glass of wine once in a while and she said sure but balance it out with something like a salad.  He then asked what if he had 6 salads….

 I think a glass of wine is good for you and so do some doctors.


 “Drink in moderation is one of the most ridiculous statements ever made.  You must drink a little more than moderation.”  John B. Keane

john b

Looks like I’m on a John B. run … check this video of John B. talking about Kerry “Hoors” …you really don’t have to be Irish to appreciate his sense of humor and vocabulary.

Listowel John B talks about Kerry Hoors – YouTube

…and with St. Patrick’s Day soon approaching I add, what most lovers of the day consider, the best Irish Drinking Songs.  Just click on the song and you should be able to watch a video of it.

7 Drunken Nights – The Dubliners
Each night a poor old drunk comes home to find someone else’s something where his something should be. And each night his lovely wife is more than happy to provide a reasonable explanation for his confusion. He gladly buys her story until Sunday, when he realizes things might not be what they seem.

Drink It Up Men – The Dubliners
What’s more Irish than an ode to stout? “There’s brandy, strong cognac that’s aging for years. But for killing the thirst and for easing the gout, there’s nothing at all beats a pint of good stout.”

Drunken Sailor – Irish Rovers
“Drunken Sailor” is one of the most fun drinking songs around. It’s three jolly minutes of creative problem solving the Irish way! What would you do with a drunken sailor?

Mary Mac – Carbon Leaf
The man who wrote this tune obviously had a way with his girl’s mother. “Mary Mac” is a fun song for the tongue tie factor. How fast can you say “Mary Mac’s mother’s making Mary Mac marry me”?

Whiskey In The Jar – The Dubliners
Though I hate to keep favoring one band, The Dubliners do an excellent job of covering the traditional songs. Metallica added their spin to this one but nothing beats the folk version.

British Army – The Dubliners
A jaunty tune about a fine, young Irishman who gets himself talked into joining the British Army. This song can have some colorful language depending on which version you hear. This Dubliners version is edited for the delicate listener.

Nancy Whiskey – Shane MacGowan
Whiskey and women, a more dangerous combination never existed.

Bog Down In The Valley – Rapalje
My favorite version of this one is actually done by a Scottish band called The Corries; however, Rapalje still represents it well. This is a fun song that is guaranteed to engage the whole pub.

Shipping Up To Boston – Dropkick Murphys
“Boston” is an instant drinking song classic even though it didn’t come from Ireland. Dropkick Murphys are a band that puts a modern edge to the Irish music tradition.

Finnegan’s Wake
If there’s a better Irish drinking song, I haven’t heard it. The performer of this version has a wonderful introduction before the song explaining both the origin of the word “whiskey” as well as the song itself.

Speaking of Already, my mystery cat, it took him a day to find out I was back.

NO NAME CATsláinte

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