Am I too dumb for a smart phone?



I have been thinking about buying a new mobile phone for some time. The one I have now makes and receives calls.  That’s it…period.

I am embarrassed to take it out (the phone) when others are around me are texting, using this app and that app while checking the stock market and the news from Fall River.


I have also been thinking about buying a new lap top computer…but I kind of feel that my computer is like my car (15 years young) and by thinking about buying a newer car, it will break down somewhere in, you guessed it, Fall River.

laptopI am convinced that my car knows what I am thinking about.

Recently I read an article in Time Magazine about “The Infinity Machine” and it has me salivating for this “puppy” to go commercial.

Oh you’re not familiar with this computer, well let me explain it to you.

An adiabatic quantum computer works by means of a process called quantum annealing.  Its heart is a network of qubits linked together by couplings.  You “program” the couplings with an algorithm that specifies certain interactions between the qubits, ya still with me, – if this one is a I, then that one has to be a 0, and so on.

Ok this might help…you put the qubits into a state of quantum superposition, in which they’re free to explore all those 2-to-the-whatever computational possibilities simultaneously, then you allow them to settle back into a classical state and become regular I’s and 0’s again.

The theory.  Erwin Schrodinger created the famous thought experiment that illustrates the strangeness of quantum superposition. 


This will make it quite simple to understand.

A cat (not Already … my neighborhood cat) is sealed in a box with a flask of poison and a radiation source.  If the source emits a radioactive particle – a 50 50 chance – the flask shatters, releasing the poison and killing the cat.


Quantum mechanics implies that the cat is simultaneously alive and dead – in superposition-until it is observed.  The act of opening the box collapses the superposition, returning the cat to a classical state and making it either alive or dead.

Now I ask you…should I go out and buy a new HP computer at Best Buy?  I don’t think so.

This “puppy” is so effective with so-called optimization problems-like it will select “Already’s” most efficient route through the neighborhood.   Hello!

Now I have to admit that the computers on sale at Best Buy are a bit cheaper than this dog…so I just might wait until they make it to ebay.


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