“The” truck is on its way…




Hope springs eternal in the human breast;

Man never is, but always to be blessed:

The Soul, uneasy and confined from home,

Rests and expatiates in a life to come.

Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man

A reporter was standing in front of a towering snow pile and she was telling her audience that this event had only become popular in the past ten years.

Au contraire my dear pink hat.

Prior to 2004 we all knew that “the” truck was filled with much more than equipment and uniforms.  It was packed with our dreams, our hopes… and our “if onlys”.  Then our world changed.

We wanted just one in our life time…just one.  After 86 years we felt that we deserved one. After all, those evil beings down the road from us, couldn’t even count as high as the number they had.  Then came 2004.

…and 2007 …and then last year.  Young people today are like us when we were young and the other team in town won 11 out of 13 years.  We just expected them to win…period.

The game to me, was about statistics.  .406, .344, 521, #9 meant something.  762 and 73 are covered with slim.  It is different now and perhaps I should move on and accept the tainted numbers and statistics.  I wanted just one…just one…the other two are OK but I was satisfied with just one.

Football is now America’s game.  Baseball is too slow and boring for the internet generation. I agree and changes must be made quickly.

While watching the truck being loaded and driving off, I thought it would have been nice if the “Kid” had won one. 

“The” truck is heading south for spring training and it is packed with equipment,uniforms and money.  Void of dreams, hope and “if onlys”.   My only wish is it had taken the snow with it.

Go you Sox!

The following “teams” deserve your support:

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