Arthur celebrates the 4th of July

2015-07-04 01.06.19

…and it wasn’t Arthur Fiedler.

When you read this it will be dated and Arthur will be history.

arthur map

I am at the “beach” and Hurricane Arthur is sailing past Nantucket at about 90 MPH.  The road out of here is flooded and I’m not going anywhere with my car.  Certain areas of Dartmouth, New Bedford and Fairhaven have already gotten about a foot of rain and it keeps coming. The wind has extinguished the pilot on my refrigerator and the beer is getting warm.

Not good!

2015-07-04 02.50.53

Down here you take the bad days in stride because the good days (day before Arthur) make it all worth it.

2015-07-03 01.51.19

I have almost finished “Lone Survivor”, played the fiddle till my fingers hurt (or maybe it was my ears) and now am having a “few” cocktails to relax.

Today stimulates memories of Hurricane Carol. I was about 8 or 9 years old and my father had just left for work. My mother had a worried look about her and when a canoe flew by the window, as we, my brother Bob and sister Carol, were eating breakfast, a nervous concern enveloped us all.

Fortunately my father sensed that this was no ordinary storm (you have to remember in those days there were no sophisticated weather forecasting systems in place) and turned around packed us all up and about two hours later everything was washed away.

My next door neighbor Rich C. just came over and we had a “few” and figured out how to solve the problems of the world. He looks at the world and politics like I do, so we are always on target.

None of the “beach” people can remember a Hurricane coming this far north in July, so I do hope that this was just an “Al Gore” hiccup.

2015-07-04 16.03.38 Arthur is now on its way to visit Nova Scotia and our 4th becomes the 5th.

We are surrounded by fireworks.  Jeff to the left, John-Paul to the right and 3 competing families up the road.  You would have to travel far and wide to get a show like ours.

firew1fw2fw3No bond fire but our pit fire and Jameson  was perfect for keeping us warm.


pit fireOur country celebrates the 4th for a reason and once again I am concerned that people have forgotten why we celebrate this day.  Think I’m wrong, go ask a few high school kids what the 4th is truly about and who we fought to gain our freedom.

OK…enough of that.  Scary 4th and a great 5th.

I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday and celebrated living in the greatest country in the world.

God Bless America!


Many of our service men and women are now coming home … help then in any way you can, especially if they are looking for a job.




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