Summer time and the livin is easy

  what we did

Summertime and the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high
Your rich daddy’s in congress and

your good lookin’ ma is givin speeches at 50K per

So hush, little baby, don’t you cry

One of these mornin’s, you’re gonna rise up singin’
Then you’ll spread your wings and you’ll take to the sky
But ’til that mornin’, there is nothin’ can harm you
With Daddy and Mummy on vacation and Obamacare standing by
Don’t you, don’t you cry

The least productive Congress in American history is on vacation for five weeks…excuse me, Congress has been on vacation for some time now.


That just might be a good thing and as a  matter of fact some need to take a permanent vacation.

nancy pCongress has worked under 73 percent of the possible days it could have … that’s worse than “three days out of four”. Oh, but I forgot, when on vacation they meet with their constituents and deal with “situations” in their districts or state.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just six percent (6%) of Likely U.S. Voters think Congress is doing a good or excellent job, while 63% rate its performance as poor. 

empty congress

Fifty-three percent (53%) think passing good legislation is a more important role for Congress than preventing bad legislation from becoming law. Thirty-eight percent (38%) rate stopping bad legislation as a more important job.

They asked how many politicians does it take to change a light bulb?  78% answered…Two. One to change it, and another one to change it back again. (made this up just to see if anyone is reading this shit)

mark t

But only nine percent (9%) now think Congress has passed any legislation that will significantly improve life in America. Sixty-nine percent (69%) say it hasn’t. Twenty-two percent (22%) are undecided.


The majority of voters have felt Congress has not passed any significant legislation since polling began on the question back in 2006.



Seventy-nine percent (79%) of voters feel most members of Congress listen to political party leaders more than the people they represent. Just 11% think he average congressman listens most to his or her constituents.


Most voters (68%) think that, no matter how bad things are, Congress can always find a way to make them worse.

Only 17% disagree, but nearly as many (15%) are not sure. 


Like the performance question, voters’ views on these other questions have changed little over the past three years.

It probably doesn’t help either that 83% don’t think most Americans are informed voters.

There is a solution and it is called “TERM LIMITS”

soorry closed


These numbers, statistics and politics, in general, are wearing me down, so I think I’ll take some time off.

Summer time and the livin is easy…..

2015-06-28 16.10.58


“Summertime” was written by Gershwin, Ira / Gershwin, George / Heyward, Du Bose.

Go out of your way to thank someone that has served or is serving in our military.

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