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OK…so now I own HubSpot and oh ya…now my daughter works for me.

You ask what is a HubSpot…well it is an “inbound marketing” company that just went public and I’m the public. My company now has a market value of $759,000,000.00.

The Boston Globe describes my company as such “Its software turns conventional marketing campaigns on their ear; rather than using direct mail or e-mail campaigns, even cold calling, to reach out to potential customers, HubSpot promotes techniques that draw customers to a company. For example, companies use HubSpot software to write blogs posts, (hello) or social media messages that catch the eye of readers and then try to draw them in as customers”.

Lee Hower, a partner at the venture capital firm NestView Ventures, said HubSpot’s greatest role as a so-called “pillar” company is to serve as a “breeding ground” for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

I am now deep in thought on what changes I will make in my company. Aaaahhhh compensation kind of jumps off the page and a private jet would help in my world-wide expansion plans. In that my daughter’s office is in Dublin, an office over- looking the Liffey  would be quite appropriate. I don’t like to drive so a chauffeured driven BMW would help my productivity.

Now now you say it sounds like it’s all about me.

dan cowboy

I do give some credit to Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan, after all they kind of started the company, but my contributions have been camouflaged by my humble being.


Of course Dharmesh and Brian will stay on board. I do believe they can kick it up a notch and with my motivational skills and guidance they will do so.


Back to changes.

Come to think of it…I like Cambridge and another office overlooking the Charles would fit nicely. I prefer a pool table over snooker and Irish whiskey over beer and a collection of antiques to decorate my simple office would be nice.

Ah yes the changes. Now I’m going to have to get back to you on that. It seems that my business plan has been eaten by “Already” the cat.

cat 002


For those of you that don’t know “Already”, he is a cat that comes to visit with me every day,..I don’t know who owns him or where he comes from, but I do know he ate my plan. Apparently he didn’t like the section on pets in the work place. It could be that there were way too many dogs involved.

Congratulations Dharmesh, Brian, Colleen and the rest of the HupSpotters.

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