“The time has come” the walrus said “to talk of many things…”


daisies and more


i brought you daisies-just to say hello-or maybe it was more-i brought you roses and daffodils too-you cried as tears dripped softly-muted words were defining-while the daisies were placed gently in a vase-the roses and daffodils set aside-i brought you daisies just to say hello-

or maybe it was more 

d.n.carney 11/15/14

a christopher pierce painting


 2014-01-05 20.29.22


i’m looking for a window

that lets the spirit of the air in

and with it will come


 a world of beauty,

love and wisdom…

it will be a window

of young innocence

looking out

one will paint pictures

of various scenes

while others will be

set free

people will rush by

some will sit and wait

dreaming of a spinning carousel

with a golden ring within reach

critics will offer up

a window is just a window


they’re right


i’m looking for a window

that can imagine

how about you?


d.n.carney 11/15/14

       photograph by d.n. carney ireland



moon dust and tea


i can tell you’re not from here-how, you ask-it is the way your eyes sparkle-and the moon dust that’s in your hair-and where is here you ask-it is where you want to be-but, you say, i don’t know where i want to be-then dear Alice it really doesn’t matter-my name is not Alice you say-do you have a cat?-do you like tea?-can you moon dance?-and is today your birthday?-why all these questions?-and if you must know-it’s-no to the cat, yes to the tea-of course i can dance-and it is not my birthday-well happy un-birthday to you-and follow me-because-

i can tell you’re not from here-with eyes that sparkle-and the moon dust that’s in your hair


d.n.carney 11/14/14


 road less traveled

take that road

write songs that no one will sing

play a musical instrument

make decisions …make more

make mistakes

create “art”

write poems

make mistakes

make decisions … make more

take chances

build something

change something

invent something

start a company

lose money…make money

make more money

make love

learn a new skill


cook something

eat something different

learn another language

make a new friend

revisit an old friend

write a letter to the editor

write a letter to yourself

help someone that you don’t know

help someone that you know

dance and sing

till the sun rises


take the road less traveled

11/16/14 d.n.carney

 morgan (1)

window to yesteryear (New Bedford whale ships)


“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–.” Lewis Carroll


they sailed out yesterday

to hunt leviathans

and will be gone for years

the charles w morgan

amongst them

it will be awhile before

the wives of the captains pace

their ‘widow walks”

tales of this and other journeys

along with the blood from the kill

will be soaked into the decks

of these ghostly ships

and if you look closely

at those timbers

when and if they return

you might

find the soul of a city



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