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As some of you know I have spent most of my working days/nights in the television business. Cable television, broadcast television and then a cable channel.

When someone over here suggested I apply for a part time position at TV3 Ireland, I thought long and hard about doing so. Irish job listings are able to say “Experienced and older person for part time work in Irish television station”.


What the heck. I sent in my resume and several days later a telephone interview was scheduled. I guess I passed when they said “We think we can put a good spin on your America accent”. Whoa … does this mean you want this person to do on air work?” “Absolutely, can you come in for an interview next Tuesday? Be prepared to talk to several staff people as well as station executives.”

Took the train up and started my first interview at 10:30am. Fifteen minutes later my second and that person was joined by another. The General Manager met me at 12:30 and then we joined the Director for lunch.

I have watched TV3 many times (not much of a selection in Clonegal) and Martin King the weather presenter is absolutely the best. I spent most of lunch talking about him and a few shows that I enjoyed.

kingThe General Manager told me I would hear from them by the end of the week. That came and went. Everyone, and I do mean, everyone over here is on Irish time. Oh, Mr. Plumber when would you be able to come over?  2pm Wednesday…would that be this Wednesday of this month or next month?

On Tuesday of the following week, the General Manager called and said they wanted to talk to me again and asked me to prepare several sample presentations about the news, sports and weather. My next meeting was scheduled the next week on Thursday.

Before I started on my presentations, I remembered applying to write for Leatherneck Magazine when I was in the Marine Corps. They gave me a topic to write about (the USCGC Polar Star an ice breaker ship) and I took off. I titled my piece “I’ll have a USCGC Polar Star on the rocks please”. I didn’t get the job.

ice breakers

I wrote my first presentation about cricket. It went something like this…

Understanding Cricket

criket match


I think I’ve gautit.

… since the end of day three in the final Test at Sydney that they would wrap up a series win …  wicket-taker’s (Alastair Cook) seven in the match …The scoreboard reads:     Australia – First innings 280 – England -First innings 644

You ask … what the f*ck is a test match?  Very good question.  Well it is not a real game but it is and it is called a test match because it is in another country and I think they take a geography test after the match…that’s really where “Test” comes from.  Now this bloke Alastair Cook, wasn’t he that old English guy that did a show on PBS in the states?  I think he died some time back.  So where did this Alastair Cook come from?  Whoa don’t even want to think about that one.

Then did one on the news and the weather was like this…

It is no wonder the Irish are half fucking mad…the fucking weather keeps on changing all the fucking time. It is now slightly drizzly and very fucking overcast. Only ten fucking minutes ago it was fucking sunny! I suppose in another ten fucking minutes it’ll be torrential fucking monsoon-type fucking rain…followed shortly thereafter by fucking hurricane fucking Biddy…

They just called I didn’t get the job.

Hey the part about Leatherneck Magazine was true.


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