Mr. Greystone some fava beans and a fine chianti would go nicely with “that” .


Some readers of this blog will immediate trash it because, once again I’m writing about cats….but hold on…

lebron-jamesIs this man the best on and off the court today?  I like him as a player and as a person…but it would be nice if the Celtics could win one.

…and can anyone shed light on why  Tom Terrific was a no show at the White House?

bradyMay 2, 2015 … Kentucky Derby … and my “tip” is Frosted…I usually hold court at a bar, picking horses out of a hat, lots of money and great fun…will most likely be at the “Back Eddy”….se ya there.


I like cats but I am allergic to them. They don’t know that and for some reason they seem attracted to me.  Already, my Milton cat. named by my niece who was sick and tired of me calling him the cat from somewhere….so she said “will ya name him already”.  She didn’t mean that literally but that’s what I named him.  

Last year when I returned from Ireland he seemed aloof and standoffish and looked at me like “OK where the fuck have you been?”  This year none of that, he came back the day after I returned and it was like …” OK that shit you were feeding me last year just isn’t gona do it”. 

Now for the cats I left behind.  Greystone,


I have no idea where he comes from but by the time we left he was sleeping in the wood pile on a pillow Mary bought for him.  Of course we fed him everyday, which did not go over to well with Tiberious Purcelli, the cat next door.


Tib,  his close friends call him that, is a pig, he gets fed at home and comes to our house for more.  Greystone being the wild cat that he is chases Tib away and when the master of the cats is away, Greystone will pay a visit to the food next door and Brownie.

Oh, yes Brownie.  Brownie is a black cat but was named Brownie by her master because his last cat was called Brownie….and I do believe Greystone has the “hots” for Brownie.

The master and his wife left for the Canary Island and asked me to watch after Tib and Brownie.  I fed them and chased Greystone away back to our house

All these cats are wild except Already.  He belongs to someone in the neighborhood but apparently he enjoys my company and the deep conversations about the “Incompetent One”. He doesn’t say much so I’m guessing which side of the plate he swings from.

Like I said, I think Greystones has a thing for Brownie (Brownie will not allow her picture to be taken) and after feeding Tib and herself one day i happened to look into Brownie’s bed and thought oh no not another cat but after looking closer it was Greystones gift to Brownie.

How sweet you say…

fuck-you-i-am-cat…it was a big fucking rat.  Bon appetite Brownie.

The word is I have one pissed off and hungrey cat back in Abbeydown.

chishire cat smile

The next time you see someone wearing a hat like this or something like it…shake their hand and thank them for their service.milhat






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