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Butler picks off Wilson to seal Patriots Super Bowl XLIX victory


Butler picks off Wilson to seal Patriots Super Bowl XLIX …

youtube.com       NFL blocks the video just click on youtube of the NFL video

Still one of the best QBs ever…but Tommy, like the Globe’s Shaughnessy said, you should have been like “Otter” in “Animal House” “The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules or took a few liberties…we did.”


…4 games … Tom you could have also blamed Danny Ainge.

BASKETBALL URBAN LEGEND: Danny Ainge once bit Tree Rollins during a playoff game.

A good deal of legends revolve around the “telephone” effect, which is where the legends spread just like the game “telephone,” where a group of people sit in a circle and the first person whispers a phrase to the second person who whispers it to the third person and so on and so forth and you see if the last person hears the phrase exactly the same way the first person said it.

However, it’s rare to see the telephone effect distort something as dramatically as it has regarding the time Tree Rollins and Danny Ainge had an altercation in the 1983 NBA Playoffs, an event which eventually ended up having the player who was bitten being blamed for biting the OTHER guy!!

Tree Bites Man/Debut of Busty Heart – YouTube


danny a

OK …let’s put a bullet into UMASS-Dartmouth Law School…No Mas and while you’re at it no more of my money going into this looser.

umass law

Should we kill the Marathon bomber? Hell no… I want him to be harassed, raped and beaten by the inmates for the rest of his life.

The election campaign in Great Britain lasted about 8 weeks … ours will go on for 2 years or so.

hillaryDoes the icicles dripping of Hillary’s sign signify … can’t be…

Saw a 2 year old use a smart phone with more knowledge of its capabilities than me.

I like LeBron James and I hope the Cavs win it all.


I am presently participating in a research study conducted by a Boston Hospital. It requires me to eat prepared meals, that are worse than any airline dishes out, for 6 months. I’m on my third week… don’t know how long I will last. Met with the dietician today and we struck a compromise on the food I can prepare and their meals. Of course I’m paid to do this…

Lost 7 pounds in 10 days.

Speaking of gourmet cooking. I thought the food at Parris Island (USMC) was good. I went in at 225 pounds and 13 weeks later weighed in at 178

parris island

I forgot to tell you about my return trip to the US. If you read of my problems going to Ireland this might mean something to you.

…a bit of a problem

The US agent clearly and in no uncertain terms, said I was only allowed to stay in Ireland for 3 months and my passport was stamped accordingly. He said if I didn’t return within those 3 months I would be fined and shot. (rule # 3659 NFL code book)


I came back 4 months later and the US agent checking me though this time said “Y’all going back to the states” and I said “Hey where’s that accent from?” He said “Kentucky” and I said “that was a tough game to lose in the final 4” “are y’all a wildcat fan?” “Of course I said” He stamped my passport and said “Have a safe trip back y’all”

Now Tommy that’s the way you get “around” a bit of a problem.

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