…smell the roses

roses stop

Are you having any fun yet…made any mistakes lately…are you living large… or have you stopped smelling the roses?

It just seems to me that people aren’t into fun anymore. Is it because they’re getting older, work too much and don’t do things that teeter on that thin line of crazy and fun? I’m sure it is.

Work issues, doctors appointments, health issues and drugs to cure them all does not make a happy day…but those that approach it like my good friend “Hey Doc can I have a glass of wine once in a while?” “Sure you can if you balance it off with a salad” “Well what if I had 6 salads?”

I still do things like telling the general manager, of a restaurant that had a 45 minute wait for a table, that I was with Neil Young’s party (he was playing nearby and we were going) and that his secretary called on my behalf earlier in the day to reserve a table and didn’t tell me under what name she gave. He asked if Neil would be joining me, I said the concert started in about an hour and a half and that he wouldn’t. I was seated in 5 minutes.

neil young

…and there is my annual trek to a race track in Ireland ..my visits range from doing a documentary on horse racing in Ireland to being an owner of a horse breeding farm in Kentucky. I started out just wanting VIP parking and the challenge turned into crashing a private party that included the President of Ireland, Bono and the Edge.


You can do anything if you act like you belong and if someone says no… you demand to see someone of higher authority. Believe me they won’t go that far.

Just last year my good beach friend and I were having a few pops when we ran out of beverages. What to do, what to do… crash a wedding, of course.  The party was under a circus tent at the top of the hill in a farm field over looking Buzzards Bay. I even got the wedding photographer to take our picture just so that when the bride and groom reviewed the photos they would say who the fuck are these guys.

I have several months to think of something new for Ireland. I’ve done  Thoroughbred Horse Racing Association of Lexington Kentucky, PBS documentary of horse racing in Ireland, WindStar Farms, and multiple Press Passes from the American Racing Association.

horse racing

I probably shouldn’t be writing about this because someone involved in horse racing in Ireland might happen on this blog. Then again life is all about making mistakes…right?

I like to write letters to the editors of newspapers. I find that if I write a letter to an Irish newspaper and put my American address on it, they publish it and when I put my Irish address on letters to American newspapers, they publish it as well.

People in Ireland that put pen to paper are generally brilliant writers of letters and for a newspaper to publish mine would do so only because of the address.

Now you’ll have to excuse me… I must call a few people using my alias Rajeet Funbar, hoping that I just get voice mail so that I can leave some strange message with a Pakistani accent.

Hey… so I don’t play Candy Crush and the next person that asks me to will be forced to listen to me play the fiddle.


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  1. Mark Southworth says:

    “Excuse me Mr. Southworth. There’s a Mr. Rajeet Funbar on the phone. He sounds kind of strange.”
    But he is a fun guy.

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