“Under Contract”


“Under Contract”.

Ya can’t make this shit up…isn’t that a real estate or a Whitey Bulger phrase.

Not in Aspen my friend. Oh ya…a pocket book “under contract” for $64,000.00. Now it may make a difference to some people that it is a Hermes pocket book, but my circle of male friends couldn’t tell the difference between a Bass Pro Shop shopping bag and one of these bags.

IMG_6387The above ad, in Aspen, the magazine, is a listing of bags available at prices starting at $18,000.00.

Welcome to the land of Land Rovers, Rolex watches, cosmetic surgery/Botox central and 20+ million dollar homes, where the millionaires are being pushed aside by the billionaires.

Aspen is the most expensive place to buy real estate in the US. Aspen is a mixture of high-end luxury estates and condos intermixed with single family homes and mobile home parks. In 2011, the lowest-priced single-family home on the market was a trailer for $559,000.00. As of June 2015, the median listing price for homes or condos for sale is $5,081,388.00.

aspen kr

 Robert Kraft’s home is the size of Rhode Island and his family spends 4-6 weeks there… in the off season, I’m sure. It is said that he paid around 20 million for his crib.

The population of Aspen is about 7,000 and just about all of them own dogs…and I do believe that most of the homes are listed under the dog’s name.  Hey, what do I know … maybe it’s for tax purposes?


I’m pretty sure I saw a Giant Schnauzer driving a  Porsche down Main Street.  The car almost hit Botox Sally.

dog car

 The retail “store” that offers Hermes bags is called Prive´ Porter and if interested, it is suggested that a private appointment be made.  These are fucking women’s pocket books.  So why do women buy them?  To impress other women?…please I  would appreciate feedback on this.



Some of you may be interested in Colorado’s liberal drug laws, especially with marijuana… and you might also be interested in the Green Dragon’s menu.  Buba Krush and wana “Big Dog” jumps to the top of the listings.


I can picture Botox Sally going to the dispensary for a “Big Dog” before she gets her weekly injection prior to picking up her Hermes bag , stopping by the Jerome Hotel for a “quick one” then returning to her sugar daddy.


I must say that I enjoyed my stay in Aspen … the people were great and the scenery was FB.

… and I would like to thank Julia & John Whipple, Mark Southworth and Jane Stankiewicz for inviting us to a wedding celebration beyond description. I would also like to thank them for reacquainting me with an old friend, Sean Farrell US Marine Corps, a true American hero. If you know him wish him a speedy recovery and if you don’t, thank a service man or women today for following in Sean’s footsteps. May they have the courage and dedication to serve this great nation as Sean did.



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