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naval ship

I recently went to an estate sale in Westport, Massachusetts.  The home was magnificent and buried in woods. The items for sale were quite interesting and told a sad tale of a very successful, competitive man.

man painting

I do not go to these events often but this one was a few miles from the “beach” and the internet posting indicated they were selling old maps, paintings and fishing gear.


  an incredible US Navy Subchaser SC 738 ship model with display case, vintage airplane models, old toys, wind-up toys, vintage metal tank bank with box, sterling silver, silver-plate, a dead fish (just wanted to see if your reading this stuff)  silver-plate trophies, huge collection of race car driving memorabilia, racing suits & helmets, model race cars, art, lithographs, paintings, original Randy Owen racing lithographs, original oil painting by Chatham’s Marguerite Falconer, 1973 oil painting by John Sisson,

…I will continue the listing, but I must add how sad this all was.  A beautiful house and items that clearly belonged to a Naval Officer, Wall Street t’er , sail/car racer with lots of trophies etched with his name.  It was a man’s house and all these items would be sold to complete strangers  I can’t imagine this man just leaving it all behind and moving somewhere else.   Did he not have children, a wife/partner or siblings that truly would appreciate  these treasures and this house?

…or did he die alone?

I must have read his name on at least 50 trophies and books but forced myself to forget his name.  It would make it easier if I decided to buy something. 

trophiespics ships

…antique books, old postcards, old photographs, vintage carved wooden ship hulls, vintage wooden toy motor boats, tin submarine, baccarat bud vase, dining room table & chairs, upholstered furniture, more dead fish, original wartime recruitment posters, old maps, stamps, Indianhead pennies, glassware, china, collection of baskets, trains, comic books, vintage metal toy trucks, old toys, tons of books, 1879 sampler, bedroom furniture, bureaus, linens, old parasol umbrella, furniture, excellent John Deere lawn tractor with wagon, Stihl chainsaw, kayaks, fishing rods & reels, like new Champion generator, weed-wacker, tools, grill, lawn & garden items, garage items, basement items, kitchen items, china, glassware, knick-knacks, collectibles.

booksI believe I have been to 3 estate sales in my life and at one I bought a @100 year old original Gouthro 30″X36′ (for sale $395.00 or best offer) and at this one, a framed map of Westport (not for sale).

gouthrob-0031-e1342518939259The painting has nothing to do with this sale but I thought I would sneak it in.

 map westThe painting was bought with no regrets while the map of Westport, that was hung in this man’s den, obviously met something to him and I sincerely felt his presence.

 Then again it’s all just “stuff” and you can’t take the stuff with you but you would think that this man was loved by someone and that they might have taken some of this treasure to remember him by.

Oh ya I did buy something else … or rather was given a container of radiator anti-freeze by the guy running the show.  My old BMW was overheating.

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